Let’s Hear it for Gutsy Gals

We can’t be through with Mrs. Palin until she gives us a little breathing room. I’m hopin’ that god will show her one of those doors she’s waitin’ for. She’ll snowplow her way through and then, oops, fall off a cliff. Meanwhile, Dick Cavett is still upset by her and so is Andrew Sullivan. Here, above, is a young Mrs. P at a moose-butchering party. Even then, she knew how to use her looks to distract everyone from the vacant cranial cavity.

I’ve recently found another gutsy gal to take an interest in. Grace Mugabe, the ‘Fist Lady’ of Zimbabwe, is known as an Imelda Marcos wannabe who shops till she drops in Paris and Rome while her country starves. She even had a mansion built in her honor and called it Graceland, but she got tired of it and sold it to Liberia.

Grace sounds like a real piece of work. Zimbabwe has an astronomical inflation rate and twenty per cent of its people are HIV positive. The average woman there lives to age 45 and has probably been raped. Grace herself is obsessed with Ferragamo shoes, quite naturally.

In the tradition of Imelda and Evita, though, she is not all bad. Here’s a news brief about how she donated twenty computers to Solusi University and pledged to fund two (that’s 2) scholarships for needy students. Ha! I’ve already “donated” nearly twenty computers to my teenager. Big fucking deal.   Notice her greeting a student named “Marvelous Bhebhe.” One day, Marvelous may lead a movement to remove Mrs. Mugabe and her husband from Zimbabwe.   If Marvelous wears an 8 narrow, she can keep the Ferragamos.

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9 Responses to Let’s Hear it for Gutsy Gals

  1. K-Line says:

    The line about having donated nearly 20 computers to your teenager is hilarious! My kid’s 8 and she’s already had 3 🙂

  2. annemarie says:

    That’s some weird lookin’ lipstick Grace has on her there. You should show her The Way.

    Palin– I read lots of Andrew Sullivan’s articles. The man is going to give himself an ulcer with all this worry.

    We have Obama now! And Michelle! She is black and Harvard educated and makes daring wardrobe choices for a First Lady and is confident and nice and smart. As soon as Michelle gets going, that Palin whore-sac will be so yesterday. She’ll be yesterday’s cum.

  3. Tobi Lynne says:

    I love Cavett’s blog … one of the others I have on RSS, and read whenever something new is posted. As for Miss Grace … sheesh … apparently with power comes the death of capacity to understand even the simplest notions of daily life as a middle or lower class citizen — and it’s true the world over.

  4. enc says:

    I get sick to my stomach when I read of what’s happening in Africa–all of Africa. This isn’t helping. Dang you, Sister Wolf for reminding me! Dang!

  5. Lady K says:

    You would think with all that money Grace would be able to hire a professional make up artist who could advise against the pearlescent shimmery “Midnight Shadow” lipstick. Is it just me?

  6. susie_bubble says:

    I think compared to Grace Mugabe, Palin is practically a saint…. I say practically…

  7. Juri says:

    My heart breaks for Grace and Bobby Mugabe. The election year has been so hard on them. First they printed thousands of extra ballots during the first round and were kind enough to flog and whip the voters to help them cast their vote for the right candidate, but the ungrateful Zimbabwenians still wouldn’t grant him the majority on the first round. Thankfully, the second round went better.

    Thank God the big-hearted Grace still has Paris and Rome! She should take Jewel Howard Taylor, the former first lady of Liberia shopping with her some time. Life is hard for Jewel now that Charles is in prison in Hague, and they are “divorced” and can’t use their hidden diamonds and arms billions as openly as she would wish.

    Heck, they could take Palin with them and go shoot some opponents afterwards. That would give Sarah some valuable foreign policy experience.

  8. hammie says:

    OH my, and you know we still have them in the commonwealth don’t you?

  9. HelOnWheels says:

    Hammie, you guys must be sooo proud. 😉

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