How come no one is making a bigger deal about the Catholic church taking away limbo?!

Now that they’ve decided it isn’t really fair to send unbaptized babies to limbo, what happens to the babies who were sent there before? I am really concerned. Have they thought this one through?

I wonder if all the babies in limbo will fly up to heaven en masse. A huge surge of babies, like the kind Bush wants to send to Iraq, only not. I picture millions of babies, dressed in those little white nighties, zooming up to heaven like little torpedos. Or maybe they will just be released in small groups.

Either way, the Church has a lot of fucking nerve to create limbo in the first place and then take it away. I guess that’s how they roll. Fuckers.

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2 Responses to Limbo!

  1. G says:

    Dropin baby bombs on heaven. Catholics roll hard…uhh… yo.

  2. Tonda Getson says:

    Great info. I used to spend alot of my time sailing and playing games. It was quite possible the best time of my life and your article somehow reminded us of that time. Cheers

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