Little Audrey Santo


Audrey Santo fell into a swimming pool when she was three years old and nearly died. Most of her brain died, apart from some activity in the brain stem. Later, her mother decided she was a ‘victim soul,’ someone who agrees to take on the suffering of others to pay for their sins. The comatose child became famous, and visitors came to her house to view her through a glass window. Religious statues and paintings in the house dripped with oily tears, which visitors could take home with them on q-tips.

It’s a weird and awful story that brings to mind Terri Schiavo, who at least didn’t have to undergo this indignity. Little Audrey Santo finally died early this year, but her story lives on, thanks to the miracle of the internets and my morbid preoccupation with stigmata. Read about Little Audrey here, here,  and for maximum impact, here.


If that’s not enough for you, read about miraculous weeping statues, etc, here.

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  1. similo says:

    I received my own healing from reading Audrey’s article published on a newspaper in 1997 in South Africa. I started praying while I had the article under my pillow every night and one night a magnificent divine presence of God, manifested by a light shining from heaven directly to my body administered a heating energy in my bloodstream. I was very sick then and immediately all the body pians and aches from head to abdomen were gone. The next morning I was able to do everything without any sign that I was very sick before.

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