Meat Love


Jan Svankmajer is an artist and/or nutcase whose films include an obvious masterpiece called “Meat Love.â€? It is the story of two chunks of meat, who fall in love and come to a bad end. It was made in 1989, and is described as having immense charm, wit and intensity….a parable on the tragic nature of love and existence, all in less than one minute.

Now this is what I want in a movie! The other day, I stupidly went to see the new movie by Mike Judge, creator of “Office Spaceâ€? and “King of the Hill,â€? both of which I really admire. “Idiocracyâ€? is a low-budget comedy about a future that has been dumbed-down to an extreme (i.e., only a little dumber than the present.) The US is overrun by morons who laugh at farts and can barely put two words together. Kind of just like it is already, only with costumes.

It was a terrible movie, no offense to Mike Judge. I also saw “Inside Man,â€? another terrible movie, this time by poor Spike Lee, who must have needed the money. I watched a new episode of “Weeds,â€? a pseudo-sophisticated Showtime series about a mom who sells pot, since her husband died and everyone knows that means you have to either become a stripper or a drug dealer. The plot involved preteen masturbation, and it was so crass and awful that I longed for Sex and the City, which I could never  watch without running out of the living room, screaming.

I know I should’ve seen Little Miss Sunshine! I know I would have felt encouraged by its intelligence level, even if everything else was wrong with it. I really fucked up. Now that Deadwood is over, there’s just nothing to live for, entertainment-wise. Everything is as bad as it could be….so bad, that Mike Judge can’t even satirize it. I might have to forgive all the artists out there, making the arty crap that always struck me as so monumentally pretentious.

I apologize, Jan Svankmajer! Whoever you are, keep up the good work. Stick to your guns, don’t sell out, aim high, right over my head if you feel like it. Just don’t leave me alone in the wilderness with mainstream pop culture.

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3 Responses to Meat Love

  1. Elena says:

    i loved little miss sunshine… you shoulda seen it. greg kinnear and toni collete rock. and the oblique reference to jonbenet! what timing! this is YOUR movie Sister Wolf!

    i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate sex in the city. hate hate hate hate HATE it. HATE IT!!! you know how i knew i was in trouble in my current (and finally, happily, about to be prior) job? i went to lunch with my office mates and they all talked about how much they LOVED sex in the city, how they couldn’t wait for the next episode with those girly girls, and how upset they were that this (at the time) was the last season. i had one of those tv moments where the perspective suddenly shifts and everything in the background recedes and gets really fuzzy, which is supposed to denote some kind of moment of clarity, which in my case was the realization that i was now working elbow to elbow with the REAL axis of evil. smile and nod… smile and nod…

  2. John says:

    Anyone that makes the effort to read this person’s blog should learn the lesson of the cliched statement, “Thoughts are things.”

    My heart goes out to the author of these posts. Your life must be a living hell to have such negativity seep from your pores.


  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Yes, John. My life is a living hell. Thank you for your sympathy.

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