Meet Waris Ahluwalia


Waris Ahluwalia is a socialite, actor, and an untrained jewelry designer whose whimsical pieces are carried at only a few prestigious stores and boutiques. His designs are really cool, as you might expect from a guy who wears a big turban with jeans and a blazer, and goes to parties with Wes Anderson in the Meat-Packing District  

What I like most about him is this quote from an interview in the Los Angeles Times:

“It’s surreal,” he says. “I was at the Venice Film Festival and this woman came up to me and was wearing a pair of my earrings and I was, like, ‘How in the world could you afford those?’ “

The poor woman! Was he implying that she didn’t look rich enough? Or is he amazed that anyone anywhere can actually pay for his wildly overpriced jewelry?

God bless him, anyway. He really has what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

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