Melania Will Have No Bullying!

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4 Responses to Melania Will Have No Bullying!

  1. Debbie says:

    Please be our First Lady Sister Wolf.
    i luv u.

  2. Bevitron says:

    And I bet there’ll be a gold-plated, ruby-encrusted nine-and-a-half-foot Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand underneath that candelabra! In the bedroom! So you can sing Don to sleep:
    Immigrant goes to Amer-ee-ca,
    Many hellos in Amer-ee-ca…

    Sister Wolf, you are a treasure.

  3. Dj says:

    I laughed out loud!!! Sister you are a natural! Well, from the neck up….made my day dahlink! Encore!

  4. Suspended says:

    ha ha…please do tell, what are your new breast made from? Anything less than Faberge eggs won’t do.

    “Muh Hussband”, love that!

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