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Didn’t it seem like we could be happy if Tom Cruise got punished for his ridiculous preaching about scientology and his fake girlfriend? It should have been a really nice moment, but no, now we have to wonder if Viacom is leading a march back to the 50s, when Hollywood blacklisted Commies. Shit. Tom Cruise stands for so many things that are offensive: homophobia, L. Ron Hubbard, bad action movies, and overall insincerity. I want to just be annoyed by his antics, without politics coming into it.

But when Sumner Redstone stops doing business with someone on account of their personal behavior, that’s just a dark cloud on my parade. If Tom Cruise can’t be a raging asshole, what about Lefties like Tim Robbins and Sean Penn? What about celebrities who admit to being atheists or potheads? No wonder Tom won’t come out of the damned closet! He has now proved that what you do offscreen can be used against you by the corporate pseudo-Christians who run everything, including mySpace and Yahoo and AOL. Time-Warner just bought my cable provider in Los Angeles, and my only other option is Direct TV. All our options are dwindling. Eventually, we’ll just have whatever Wal-Mart and Viacom and Rupert Murdock wants to give us.

I want choices! I want my celebrities to act crazy and still keep their lucrative contracts! Let them worship the fucking devil if they want to. Let them hate Jews, even, since that’s their personal right, as long as they don’t put a burning cross on my lawn. I think we should support Tom Cruise, condemn small-mindedness and witch-hunting in any fashion, and keep our eyes on any corporate entity that fucks with our religious, sexual, intellectual and artistic freedoms, such as they are. If even Oprah can’t afford to admit she’s gay, we’re not really getting anywhere. Fight the power, in the name of baby Suri.

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  1. Elena says:

    you know, i get half my news from this website. (I get the other half from Comedy Central). Now i have to google Sunmer Redstone and find out what is up with the spaceman. Damn your black heart, Sister Wolf!

    it is interesting though isn’t it how once monolithic Brad and Tom are both becoming hostile targets? I saw a pictorial in People magazine while waiting in a dentist’s office a few days ago with some (porfolio?) shots from Brad’s early career (80’s) that seem to promote his “blues clues” and “young starlet” look… it was quite unsettling. the lip gloss HAS to go, brad. it doesn’t look good on angelina, it’s not going to look good on you either. anyway testimony to the bigger they are, the harder they fall. is it that we as a society need an outlet for our impotent rage? is it that they flew too close to the sun?

  2. Suebob says:

    You gotta read between the lines. Paramount saying that the disagree with Tom’s behavior is a way of saying “No way in hell half the women in this country will ever watch anything with him in it again.”

  3. Sista Blanca says:

    What freaking choices . . . between the Mega(lomaniacal) right wing, hypocritical, religious right media and the Mega Star scientologist, in-the-closet, sci-fi-sect spouting, thetan (erm, did good-old-money-grubbing, tax-evading Ronny mean cretin, Satan, faken, or combination of all them thar words? (My apologies to the Satanist for befouling your name with Hubbard’s)). When will we the people take the lights, cameras, and action into our own hands and make guerrilla art! Oust the moguls and the mongrels, the creeps and creepets? Have anarchy in the arts! Stop worshiping at the feet of the fetid! Why must it always be between the devil and the pop/movie/rock/crime star, between the rock and the hard place, between the Dems and the Reps (DemReps?). Why do choices only come in two? Why do we limit the endless possibilities with a choice between the bad and the awful? Boycott them all and spend your time blogging about what poor choices we have when it comes to mass consumption of mass media!

    Bastard daughter of a Hubbard
    P.S. Suebob, I think you got that wrong. It should be “No way in hell half the men in this country will ever watch anything with him in it again.â€? (Unless it involves guns, bombs, cars, blood, gore and death!)

  4. Mark Poirier says:

    For the love of Tom!

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