Mrs. Palin Was a Hoochie!

Back in 1995, Mrs. Palin was a real hoochie, as you can see in this video. Lots of eyeliner, big hoop earrings, snapping her gum, she almost looks like a chola, and that is a huge complement.   No wonder she’s such a mean-spirited bitch! Losing your youth is a hard pill to swallow.

What I like even more about this video is Todd’s face. He appears to have some rugged pitted acne scars, which are now missing. Has anyone researched the missing acne scars??

I think it’s time to add Todd’s Face-gate to the Babygate, Housegate and Troopergate inquiries.

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8 Responses to Mrs. Palin Was a Hoochie!

  1. pippa says:

    I hate them too but those marks on Todd’s face look like indents from his snow goggles not acne scars…

  2. Damn the reasonable and logical explanation of goggle indents. However there is no reasonable explanation for the hideous gum chewing!

  3. hammie says:

    WTF is that accent a-boot?

  4. OMGGMAB says:

    I am stunned that for the first time I have heard Sarah Palin actually put two full sentences together that make sense. Obviously this was a fleeting skill or perhaps a freak moment.

    I agree, the gum chewing was so gauche, but then I am sure she was thanking gawd that she has enough teeth to chew it.

    Hope she put the $45,000 in her legal defense fund.

  5. Mark says:

    They look like acne scars to me–unless his goggles were really fucked up ones.

    Spit out your gum, whore!

  6. Juri says:

    I’m not buying the goggle explanation either. Not at all.

    How do we know this is the same Todd she uses these days? After all, there have been quite a few James Bonds by now, has there not? I say, raid her basement and see how many versions of the first dude she’s keeping chained up down there.

  7. Andra says:

    That open-mouth gum chewing is quite disgusting. And the child is gumming away too.
    Jeez .. these are vulgar people. Yuk yuk yuk!
    Trailer trash and will never change.

  8. KarenJ says:

    The Iron Dog contestants also use duct tape applied to their faces to protect their facial skin from the elements during the race.

    Removing that duct tape also probably removes some skin, which is probably what you see — skin damage from BOTH the elements and the so-called preventive measures.

    Surely you’d think these dolts could come up with something better than duct tape…

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