Pastor Melissa Scott: Holy Christ!

pastor melissa

Wednesday night was the first day of my new life as a follower of televangelist Melissa Scott, and once you’ve seen her, I’m sure you’ll agree that you simply can’t get enough of her.

Pastor Melissa Scott is the third and final wife of the loony Rev. Gene Scott, who had once hired her as a hot young babe to sit in the front row of his TV audience. Anyway, he’s dead and Melissa took over his, ahem, ministry.

She has a waist-length mane of hair that she likes to flip over her shoulder, and her heavy make-up says actress/stripper, in contrast to her bizarre black frock-coat and heavy men’s shoes. She paces back and forth in front of a white board scribbled with weird foreign words. Her hand motions suggest a background in mime or hula dancing. It’s hard to take your eyes off the hands, but given the rest of her, one manages the task.

Pastor Melissa’s accent is hard to pin down and her diction is particularly odd. Her attitude runs the gamut from mildly annoyed to manic and wrathful.

I fucking love her. I remarked to my husband about midway through her show, “I’d like to know what this woman was in her former life.” That’s when he googled her and learned that she was once a porn star and enterpreneur.

My hope is to one day attend her Sunday service in downtown Los Angeles. I want to ask her about those shoes, which look like they might be my size, a full and lovely 10 narrow.

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20 Responses to Pastor Melissa Scott: Holy Christ!

  1. Suebob says:

    She is like a combination between Christiane Amanpour and Dolly Parton, accent-wise.

  2. Mark says:

    I love her, too! I want to find the porn she was in!

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Let me know if you find any. I came up empty, godammit.

  4. Ms Mystery says:

    Actually she does not wear heavy make up, because I’ve seen other tv ministries and I am trying not to judge but I can’t help myself, they wear heavier make up than her, straight up a little too vain for a pastor (not going to tell the name). But Pastor Melissa is very attractive, way too smart, makes you wonder what’s behind the preachings.

  5. Nancy Beeg says:

    I really enjoy Melissas’ ministry. She is such an intellegent and educated woman. I need to know if she is still on television. In Indiana she was on at midnight. Love her.

  6. natalie says:

    Yeah, the accent really catches me too…and of course, the lovely translations and how they support her points.

    Great blog, and entry, btw…hilarious!

  7. All the world is your play toy, yes? Just sit back and stuff it all into that little box you call your viewpoint. One day the opinions end and you are feeling the rising tide of horror that your judgements produced and your blood aches for life but finds sewage in eternal death. Have fun.

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Joe – Thank you, I will!

  9. nell says:

    I just this week found her late on Monday night. She is right on with her teachings as I have studied the WORD for about 35 years on my own besideds being a member of a formal church. I was ready to ‘shout from the housetops’ about her and her great teachings until i decided to ‘google’ her. I am a bit taken aback by what I have found out but I still believe in a ‘second chance God’. We all started out in sin and I believe in a Savior that I ask to take those sins away and to forgive them and forget them. My Bible tells me that one day WE ALL will be held accountable for our words along with our deeds that are not under the Blood of Jesus.

  10. bobbi voegler says:


  11. Carmen Ruggiero says:

    Her Birth name is Peroff, which should tell you that she is Ukranian. I knew that as soon as I heard her speak. And for those of you who so wrongly believe she was a porn star named Barbie Bridges, maybe you should look up this porn star. She doesn’t even slightly resemble Pastor Scott, even if she was originally a blonde.

  12. Colleen Pippin says:

    I love this woman and catch her every possible chance, She is intelligent and has an amazing teaching method which appeals so much to me through her use of the Greek and Roman, Arabic, etc…languages are majic. She proves to me there is a purpose for my life unlike all the superficial throngs who have driven me out of their churches. I hope her pretty, intelligent and dedicated passion will be with us, her listeners, for a long time to come. She brings me joy. Colleen

  13. Joe Duffy says:

    (1) Melissa Scott committed ADULTERY by dating Gene Scott when he was married to his 2nd wife, and Scott and PMS divorced their spouses to marry each other.

    (2) PMS has lied about her PORNOgraphic past, denying the truth, rather than just say that it’s true, but Jesus changed her.

    (3) PMS has a high school education, and has LIED about her knowledge of 20+ languages. Those who know her have stated that she speaks only English, and doesn’t even know Spanish. Why doesn’t PMS or her blind followers tell us what are those 20+ languages, and have her submit to testing of her linguistic knowledge?

    Christians are being fooled once again.

  14. am not a proponent of “Dr”. Melissa Scott. I don’t think anyone should follow in that creep Gene Scotts shoes. He was a sharlatin, liar, anti christ, and false prophet. He was a money grubbing loser. He used showmanship and false guilt to con men and women out of millions of dollars.

    I have more against her for lying about her cred’s than any so called nudie photo’s or films of sex acts. Sin is sin. All men and women are sinners by birth, choice, and acts of commission, and OMISSION. All have sinned and come SHORT of the glory of God. Every one of us have turned to their own way. We ALL have gone astray.1.

    I’ve seen the pictures, supposedly of Barbie Bridges. They resemble PMS, but I’m not convinced it’s PMS. I’ve seen look a a’like of myself, and once cops brought a bank heist photo to me, as some one had said, “Hey, … I know that guy, its Robert Norwalt”. And if not for some tattoos and other distinguishing abnormalities, I pointed out, I would have went “downtown”. He looked exactly like me.

    2. If it was her? So what? I wasn’t saved all my life, and even after converting to Christ did some pretty bad stuff. We have this thing in Catholicism and Protestantism, where once someone is saved, … fine. You can gossip, a sin against God. You can over eat, a sin against the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You can split a Church, cheat on Taxes, neglect your kids, hate your neighbor, and beat your wife. You can lie about your presteige, size of your penis, how important you are, how wise you are, and how loving your are. But, SEX! That’s the litmus test of true belief. What a load of horse manure.

    3. She deny’s it. Why not take her at her word?

    4. If so many people can come forward with PROOF of it, WHERE are they?

    5. If the porns were readily available, why is it no one has produced even one moment of it? If it was available, believe me, …holly “unholy” wood would have plastered it all over the place. It would be as big as the Tiger Wood’s “scandal”.

    Boiled down, this is the problem. Oral Roberts, Amiee Semple McPherson, Earnest Angsley, Benny Hinn, Kathleen Kahlmann, Marjoe Goetner, and this new scum bag with the tattoos has showed us over and over the carnival sideshow that is main stream Pentecostal “faith healing”. This is just more of the same. Hat tricks. Sleight of hand. We are the new deal, watch us straighten out the rest of “christianity”, with our stupid monkey suit and false superiority on the ancient languages. Some ol’ crap different angle.

  15. Mark h says:

    SHE IS SO HOTTT which is what originally brought my channel flipping to a screeching halt. As for being fake in her knowledge of Greek , Hebrew , Aramaic? She is certainly not the greatest mind on Earth but her knowledge and translations as well as her logic paths and interpretations are legitimate and accurate. As for it being unbelievable that she knows 20 languages? If someone has mastered a sound grasp of the early languages of Hebrew Greek Aramaic and especially Latin it is a very small leap to add in languages with strong ties and evolution from those languages. Spanish German Portuguese Dutch French and English of course. It’s common knowledge that learning Latin opens the door to much more easily master many other languages.

    Her intelligence is real. Her understanding of multiple translations of the bible is real. As for the past? Only non-Christians and false Christian hypocrites are the only ones who care. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter

    I believe her background is 1st or 2nd generation Eastern European which likely forms her original base of a couple languages plus English. Her physical features also indicate those roots.

    To any true Christian what matters about her is what stands before us today. Given the relatively short timespan of her salvation to multilingual top pastor her intelligence is quite impressive. I have no doubt she is easily in top 5 percentile. Maybe top 2 or 3.

    Lastly as one who is filled with the Holy Spirit and nourishes Him daily one of the spiritual gifts I received almost immediately was discernment. She is the real thing. She is also not a deity either. She is not infallible by any means in her interpretations and opinions. That said her interpretations and opinions are far more based in the original writings than many many others

    If you can’t get past her alleged past or your own judgements of her qualities you are missing out on a life saving message. Your loss not hers

  16. Keith says:

    Mark H, I think you hit the nail squarely and farely in the head of truth. Bless you for your discernment and the mercy of gd which endures forever…

  17. Clair Luz says:

    She certainly is fascinating to watch. Her “translations” of the bible and the stretching of words and phrases to fit her oddball parsing of the Bible is amusing. I can see why True Believers are entranced by this shiny object in a dowdy black suit. To me she’s a cross between a Libertarian and an Evangelical, she mistakenly assumes she is smarter than everyone else and she is counting on her followers believing they are bright bulbs when they are really just easy marks.

    She’s probably still making $$$ off of these shows.

  18. judy says:

    she is a dog and pony show ..she traces the langs. and is hearing the words in her ear i was there 30 feet for the tramp

  19. Sheri says:

    I agree with Mark H.

    What matters most here people? Satan is winning if you are going on about her looks, her past, or her linguistics.

    What matters is what she is teaching, or rather, WHO her teachings point to. JESUS! She teaches that Jesus alone is Lord. That’s all that matters.

  20. short fallen says:

    To “most” of all you new age stone throwing Pharisees, it really is like Joe S above said. You uneducated halfassed pursuer’s of GOD keep up your ways and you “will” be burning in hell as you deserve. Judgemental No studying middle of the road halfasses. Gene Scott was authentic he WAS angry – at people such as I’ve seen comment here. So willing to run their mouths of ignorance. Claim they were Christians and yet NOT be willing to give ALL they had to the pursuit! Just as Christ also told us!! Everything he preached was totally verifiable by study. Which I’m sure most here do not “truly” do! As far as Melissa Scott goes I do admitted I’ve heard people accuse her of certain crimes of a sort but I just don’t know enough to give a position on them. But as to her porn history whoop tee doo! Christ died and rose for ALL Paul was at one time a murder of Christians. An act he did with intent. If GOD was OK with recruiting him who are ANY of you fake Christians to throw stones at her?! You fakes you hypocritical two faced new age Pharisees. Repent.

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