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If you ‘ve read the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind, you probably agree with me (and Stanley Kubrick) that the book is unfilmable. Period. If you’re a bunch of idiots at Dreamworks, evidently you think otherwise.

I was almost worried that the movie based on this unforgettable and singular novel would be good….which would have proved me and Stanley wrong. However, I just found out that it stars Dustin Hoffman, so I think it’s safe to say the movie will suck. No offense Dustin, but you’re kind of turning into Al Pacino, in the sense of over-acting to the point of self-parody.

But even Olivier Himself couldn’t justify a film project based on Perfume, which creates an olfactory experience unrivaled in art or literature. Suskind is a genius, but I guess in the end   he couldn’t turn down ten million Euros.

More interesting that anything about the movie is the collection of perfumes inspired by the “book and film” created by Thierry Mugler. It contains 15 different fragrances based on key scenes of the book, including “Virgin No. 1,” “Sea,” and “Baby.”   The one I really need to smell is “Human Existence.” I don’t care that this Limited Release Collection will sell for $700. Money is no object when you’re talking about Human Existence.

What will it smell like, do you think?? Blood, sex, fresh bread, wine, coffee, dirt, vomit, play-doh, magic markers, chlorine bleach and cancer?   I think it speaks well of this enterprise that the official website is so impossible to navigate, much like human existence.

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2 Responses to Perfume The Movie

  1. RealMan says:

    your blog is the first one ive read critical of this movie. But clearly you haven’t seen it, nor are you very familiar with the facts, because 1) hoffman’s been involved for quite some time and 2) suskind never sold the rights to the film.

    get your facts straight before trashing a film.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    RealMen can be so silly! Here is one report of many about Suskind’s movie deal

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