Poor Amy Winehouse


I can’t describe my adoration of Amy Winehouse except to say that I’ve ruined my hair, teasing it into an enormous beehive in her honor. I’m not crazy about her husband, who looks like a typical hanger-on and scumbag.

But now Amy’s own mother has sold her out to The Daily Mail, in a whiny, hostile interview that includes this recollection of the day her  15 year old daughter  was kicked  out of school.

“The same day, I had to take the family cat Katie to the vet. I dropped off the cat, went to the school and then went back to the vet’s. We had the cat put down. My joke is I should have had Amy put down and the cat moved on.”

What kind of fuckery is that? I’m sorry about your awful mother, Amy! Get well soon, my dear.

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2 Responses to Poor Amy Winehouse

  1. my girlfriend has a newly acquired love of the beehive, completely autonomous of amy. but she has really short hair, so she has a tiny baby beehive. it’s adorable. her goal is to outdo priscilla presley.

    i was hoping she’d shoot for marge simpson, but hey….
    rome wasn’t built in a day.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    I’m so happy for you, D !! Long live the beehive.

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