Remember Tragic Fashion Boy?

Poor tragic-fashion-boy

Poor Tragic Fashion boy!

I came across this picture and it brought back a whole era – the era in my life when blogging and fashion were exciting and full of adventure. I was genuinely fascinated by characters like Sea of Shoes and Tragic Fashion Boy.

Now, life has lost its luster, and my priorities have certainly changed. But it makes me sad to see these photos of Charles Guislain, who is now around 20, and still the object of male lust on various websites. God only knows what he has experienced in the last few years.

tragic fashion  boy-grey

charles guislain

I see he is working as a photographer. I hope he’s happy with his choices. I hope he’s decided to eat more.

Oddly enough, today someone reminded me about Daphne Guinness, another character I once found interesting. In a new interview, she revealed that she dresses “intuitively.”

I don’t care about her any more but I still love words. What does she mean by dressing intuitively? Is it possible to dress oneself counter-intuitively?

Let me know what you think.

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10 Responses to Remember Tragic Fashion Boy?

  1. Sam says:

    I will dig out my ‘wank-o-meter’
    I fear it may go off the scale though.

  2. David Duff says:

    “Is it possible to dress oneself counter-intuitively?”

    Frequently, according to the ‘Memsahib’, when inspecting my, er, ‘outfits’!

  3. Beannie71 says:

    Whit Stillman said ‘nobody ever talks about what is above the subtext’

  4. Dana says:

    The interesting part is I got hooked on your writing back then and I’m still here. I think that says something about your writing and about you as a person. Xoxox

  5. Dj says:


  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Dana – Thank you, how nice of you! xo

  7. ali says:

    TRAGIC FASHION BOY!!! But he wanted to be a designer! second rate photographers are like sand!

    He does look a little healthier, maybe?

    I’ll think a little more about counter intuitive dressing – leave it to POET daphne guinness to introduce the premise…

  8. ali says:

    Also, agree with Dana.

  9. Kellie says:

    So. Thin.
    He and Daphne.
    And neither ever look happy.
    A piece of cake might fix that.

  10. Jaimi says:

    It was so fun to hate fashion blogs and that brief time period everyone who was anyone dressed like they were on Sprockets

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