Rocking the Prom Dress

I wore this silk chiffon prom dress on Friday night and felt like a fairy princess. I was smugly thinking “Ha, not bad for 68!” but then I remembered that I’m 58.

At the end of the evening, I had eaten three kinds of french fries and felt like a giant red whale.  Nonetheless,  I think I rocked this pop of color very nicely.

Anthropologie dress, Chanel bag, a letter I still haven’t mailed, Re-mix shoes, ba&sh leather jacket, enormous push-up bra by DKNY, and a leopard printed panty-girdle.

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40 Responses to Rocking the Prom Dress

  1. Caro says:

    You look gorgeous, buy one in every color!

  2. littlebadwolf says:

    certainly better than that camo one, but there, the choice of shoes was wider–along with wider shoes.

  3. Rosie says:

    You’re 58?! Holy shit.

    You’re rocking the fuck out of 58, sister.

  4. Richard says:

    You look great!

  5. Alicia says:

    You look so effortlessly chic (and not in a shopbop way). =D

  6. Debbie says:

    Said it before, will say it again, you are so FREAKING CHIC! And I hate you because I couldn’t get that dress over one thigh. You definitely have style Sister.

    Your Humble Servant

  7. Andra says:


  8. Deni says:

    I agree with Andra! Fan-fucking-tastic! “Une belle femme!”

  9. Stacy says:

    yes, you all caps ROCKED it!

  10. WendyB says:

    You look awesome and this is awesomely funny: “I was smugly thinking ‘Ha, not bad for 68!’ but then I remembered that I’m 58.”

  11. Helen says:

    You’re so fucking awesome. Really truly.

  12. David Duff says:

    Oh, Darling, sorry but really, not that pale, not to say sickly, purple bag with that colour red, simply too, too . . .

    I write, of course, as one of the best dressed men in this entire garret!

  13. Cricket9 says:

    Really, not bad at all for 68…er, 58!!! ;-)))

  14. You are a gorgeous woman, Sister.
    And thanks for the Re-mix link- the 40’s wedges are wonderful.

    Silly man, David- Chanel always “goes”.

  15. David Duff says:

    Kimberley, beware becoming a label-lover! Labels do not overcome fundamental colour clashes. Just ask my e-pal Dexter van Drango!

  16. misfitina says:

    that is the reddest red ever. you are ROCKIN’ IT.

  17. Ann says:

    I’d hit it.

  18. alittlelux says:

    you look amazing!

  19. Aja says:

    You look good, for 68 😀

  20. Rachel says:

    you and my 96 year old grandma who looks 65, drinks coffee all damn day and has chocolate every night are making me lol at health obsessed, death-fearing vegans. you look amazing.

    and this gives me hope, ’cause seriously, coffee is the only reason i’m still here.

  21. dexter vandango says:

    Like Beetlejuice my name has been mentioned to drag me out of the woodwork.. to comment on fashion! Something I know not of… but I do think Sister looks gorgeous ..and her dress fever-inducing in a good way.

    Now, having said that, Sister’s posture either signals resignation, unnecessary irony.. or that her purse contains a few dozen bricks.. Perhaps Mr. Duff can suggest the same finishing school that shaped his impeccable comportment?

    (Brits are the only people in the world who can word a fuck you and make it sound like a compliment..)

  22. David Duff says:

    My dear Dexter, old thing, I only called upon you for your artistic expertise which, even in the horror of contemporary art, must still play a large part. Er, it does, doesn’t it? Oh, no, tell me it ain’t so!

    Anyway, the question is simple, do you think that sickly mauve handbag goes with that brilliant red dress? No shilly-shallying, man-up and tell it the way it is! As for Big Sis’s posture, I gave up years ago complaining about her habit of always leaning her head on one side whilst being photographed – I think she threatened to knock my silly head right off my shoulders if I wasn’t careful.

    Also, it is odd that such a gorgeous-looking woman with so many strong opinions strikes such an awkward, uneasy, almost gauche pose. ‘I zink zer are zigns of inzecurity here, Dr. Freud’!

  23. Sister Wolf says:

    David – Let me explain (and this is just between us): I am so fabulous that I am forced to downplay my fabulousness with a kind of faux self-deprecating stance, so as not to appear too full of myself.

    The mauve bag, which I thought was “Dusty Rose” but will now call “mauve” in deference to you, is a fucking Chanel, chosen expressly for its “difficult” color, in order to emphasize how little I care about conventional color arrangements.

    Now. I’m going to send you ten million photos of my head cocked to the other side.

  24. Sister Wolf says:

    Rachel – YES, coffee and chocolate every single day. Although I don’t have the fortitude for 96 years.

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    Ann – Oh, Ann. xoxo

  26. David Duff says:

    Thanks, ‘Sis’, that was a really big help! I just popped down to our nearest department store to give the ‘Memsahib’ a little treat, called over the girl on the perfumery counter and said , ‘Could I have some of that “fucking Chanel”‘ – and I was thrown out!

  27. patni says:

    Sister wolf you are so fabulous. I turn 50 next year, and you make me less afraid. Also, the Chanel purse rules I actually love the way that kind of dusky rose colour goes with bright red. . Also I am completely in love with remix shoes! Do not own a pair, but I want to.

  28. David Duff says:

    “Dusky rose colour”!

    Are you colour blind, Patni? It’s bloody pinkie-mauve, for God’s sake! And it’s ghastly, too!

  29. So. Beautiful. That is all.

  30. patni says:

    Dear David, men are often colour blind. I don’t really pay attention to their color opinions.

  31. patni says:

    we could go with misty berry though?

  32. patni says:

    or if you are determined to be mean about the colour which i love, how about pepto puke?

  33. Sister Wolf says:

    Patni – You’d think Mr. Duff works for Pantone, for godsake!

  34. patni says:

    I would take bloody pinkish mauve over tangerine tango.

  35. David Duff says:

    I hardly dare ask what “Pantone” is! But, Patni, by agreeing with my description you have shown yourself to be a lady of taste and discretion.

  36. patni says:

    i am not a lady! and I have no discretion at all! I do have good taste. Sometimes, except when it bores me and I prefer hideous.

  37. David Duff says:

    Oh dear! Just as things were going so well between us, Patni, and I was hesitating on the idea of proposing a date, I suddenly remembered that on this site the phrase “I am not a lady” can be either literal or metaphorical.

    (Elderly Britsh gent shuffles off fast and confused before he puts his foot in it!)

  38. cat says:

    Oi, Rachel. I’m vegan and I have coffee and chocolate every day. I would seriously lose the will to live without both of them. Not all of us are health food freaks, thankyouverymuch. 😉

    And 58? No fucking way!

  39. Marky says:

    I was smugly thinking “Ha, not bad for 68!” but then I remembered that I’m 58.

    I love you.

  40. Rachel says:

    sarry cat, i am surrounded by raw food vegans that look like death.
    nothing against veganism if it works for you physically and mentally!

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