Royalty Buffs

I’m not interested in Royalty, but I love old photographs.   Today I came across a forum for people who are obsessed with Royal families and it is a motherlode of vintage photos.

An unexpected bonus is the number of arguments that break out between the people who post there. I wonder if people have to argue in online forums. Maybe it’s just the competitive nature of people who are proud of their expertise.

My husband reads a forum for audiophiles and he says they don’t argue there.   I’m surprised that guys who can tell the difference between five different masters of a Jimi Hendrix record can accept each other’s opinions without jockeying for authority. But moderators are there to end discussions, so who knows what would happen if the posters were left alone to boast about their rare Japanese boxed sets of obscure Eric Clapton demos.

Check out “Alexander Palace Time Machine” for amazing photos and petty arguments! Start here.


* According to a forum regular, here are the Royals who are worst at being Royals:

Prince Charles of Great Britian.
Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall.
Prince Harry of Great Britian.
Princess Anne of Great Britian.
Crown Prince Philip of Belgium.
Prince Joachim of Denmark.
Prince Albert of Monaco.
Victor-Emmanuel of Italy, Duke of Savoye.
Marina-Doria of Italy, Duchess of Savoye.

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22 Responses to Royalty Buffs

  1. Cat says:

    I love reading up on old Royalty, mostly because of the pictures and their scandalous lives. The current ones? Not so much. It is fun to see, though, that one of the forum regulars mention Prince Joachim and not his brother, who almost crashed a car while drunk driving and trying to outrun the police, some years back (it was all over the news here in Denmark). Oh, those silly royal people!

  2. David Duff says:

    Well I’ll give you an argument ! Prince Charles, well, OK, he’s not the brightest but his war against modern so-called architecture earns him a credit. Camilla, well, she was a naughty girl but that’s part of being in the royal circle and in one respect she earns my admiration – never once did she even attempt to drop tittle-tattle to the press. Harry is excellent. He roisters as only second sons can and should but also he pushes himself forward for active service in Afghanistan. Princess Anne does what she has to do as a Royal even if she does think privately that the people around her rank below her beloved horses!

    Anyway, you leave our Royals alone. At least we weren’t daft enough to actually go out and elect them like some of the brain dead idiots you did!

  3. Consuela says:

    Princess Anne is one of the hardest working royals!! Look at all she’s done for Save the Children.

    Camilla on the other hand is Bone Idle.

  4. liz says:

    I don’t follow any royals either, really don’t care too much for their lives, but I love old photographs as well, especially ones with beautiful inspiring clothing. No one is as glamorous anymore

  5. Alison says:

    I stumbled across a Royalty forum when I was looking something up on tailoring. I was stunned at how vicious it was. You expect certain types of forums to be a bit confrontational, but places largely populated by middle-aged, supposedly respectable women seem to be the worst (having just witnessed some major ‘Downton Abbey’ bitchiness on a TV forum!).

  6. Suspended says:

    “No one is as glamorous anymore”

    Or, thankfully, as fucking ugly! The ‘rectangle’ in a crown is frightening me,

    I employ a girl who looks like the child on the right. She has that “locked in an attic, starved of daylight and only fed carob as a chocolate substitute” look about her. It’s fucking creepy. I’ve tried ever so hard to ‘un’ employ her as she can’t actually do anything and she’s fucking creepy. Every time we tell her we don’t need her she turns up in person “just to see if we need her.” It’s fucking creepy. All the jobs she is paid to do, we do, while she tells us why she can’t do them and about her mentally ill family (who are fucking creepy.) Pity is her main weapon of choice but we’re slowly toughening up, I think. Her slightly obsessive crush on my wife is fucking creepy, as is her constant mimicking of her style and every movement….you just flipped your hair over your shoulder…I’ll just flip mine over too. The compliments are creepy. Her weird wig-like hair, that perfectly matches her corrugated cardboard skin-tone, and is the exact style of the girl’s in the photo, is fucking creepy. She whispers when she talks, which is fucking creepy, and has vexed many a client with her pop-up-mumble.

    I need to do something about this situation. But what?

    Sorry, that picture really set me off. It’s so much like her. Maybe I need a priest.

  7. Hammie says:

    Can’t believe skank bag Albert is only 7th. Princess Anne is a great patron if the National Autstic Society – makes rich people at dinners donate money for autism services by being stern but charming. xx

  8. Princess Ann is a diamond lord love her!

  9. Dru says:

    Wait, Prince Albert is the one who got himself the Prisoner Bride of Monaco, isn’t he? Grace Kelly’s son or no, that’s rather cunty, confiscating a woman’s passport and bullying her into marriage (if that’s what did happen).

    One royal who sounded cool was the late Queen Mother – you have to admire a woman who refuses to leave London during the Blitz, of all times.

  10. liz says:

    @Suspended Check out the forum – there are some really old hollywood type glamourous women there….. also, “she whispers when she talks” is pretty creepy

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – Why don’t you type out a lettter of resignation and sign her name. Then tell her that you’re sorry to see her go but maybe it’s all for the best. This will save killing her.

    Consuela, Hammie and Make Do – I didn’t know that Anne was so good! I’m going to check this out. Poor Ann.

    Dru – I liked the Queen Mum as well. I found a nice picture of her at age ten.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    Holy crap, Suspended, she must be really, really, REALLY fucking creepy!
    I agree with Hammie – the douche-bag Albert takes the prize in this bunch.

  13. Suspended says:

    Haha Sister, I’m more worried about her killing me. My wife hired her, perhaps it should be her job to fire her. My wife’s much better at typing than me, too.

    Liz & Cricket9 – She is REALLY creepy.

  14. Dru says:

    Sister – I have to chip in with the Princess Anne support too, I didn’t know the other stuff but she was an Olympic-level equestrian. Respect.

  15. Ann says:

    Another excellent web find, sister. I do love a good forum argument. Mr. Ann belongs to a motorcycle forum and they fight like the dickens there! If not for a moderator, shit would get real.

    And yes! What HAS Prince Albert done, anyway?

  16. RedHead says:

    Where’s Great Britian?

  17. Dave C says:

    What is WRONG with my fellow citizens of the UK? The whole house of Windsor* can burn to the fucking ground. Don’t give me that shit about the Queen Mother being cool – she was preparing to be part of a Vichy-style regime if the Nazis ever got over the channel, and don’t think for one moment she wasn’t sequestered in bomb-proof accomodation while she was there! For fucks sake it’s like prince Harry Hewitt’s ‘service’ in Afhghanistan – he was never in any danger! Get REAL people! As for Charles and his philistine attacks on progressive architecture, well, he needs to stop living in a William Morris dreamworld where we all knit our own beards! And he’s an advocate of blood sports! Burn in hell. And Anne? Who gives a shit ? No, we didn’t elect them – surely that’s why they should be put out of their (our) misery.

    *Actually their real name is Saxeburg-Gotha – they changed it to sound less foreign.

  18. misfitina says:

    Oh good lord i think our husbands frequent the same forums. Audiophiles are a strange breed.

  19. Cricket9 says:

    @Dave C – yes, what’s up with the blood sports and some royal killing small animals for fun here and there? I had to swear that I’ll be a loyal subject to the Queen AND her heirs when getting my Canadian citizenship. I got over the Queen, but the heirs – please!!!
    Suspended, it’s fairly easy to fire someone; since you did not get to it yet, maybe she provides some strange kind of entertainment to all involved – you know, similar kind to a train wreck?

  20. IRA- EDWARD MEESE says: are going to be more than mad when the MONARCHY EVAPORATES!
    That’s right.
    WA- TER being what it is.
    And now we have that SOGODU with HOGER, it’s a “slam – dunk”.
    So…it’s way more than AUDIOPHILE.
    And know where the proof lies?
    He is not royal.
    At least, not anymore.

  21. Andra says:

    IRA Edward
    Your mother called.
    She says you should take your medication right away.

  22. Dj says:

    Princess Ann is still around?

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