Sandals to the Rescue

Before you pass judgment on the person who would spend $1,980 on a pair of sandals, let me explain:

These python Alaia sandals are actually designed for the fashion-savvy leper, who traditionally must carry a clapper and bell to warn of his/her approach.

Now, thanks to the genius of this sandal, festooned as it is with bells, every leper can jingle a merry tune at special events like mealtime and bandage changing.

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6 Responses to Sandals to the Rescue

  1. Juri says:

    The $1,980 spent on the leper sandals is nothing compared to the $1.8 million that Indian airline boss spent on Gandhi’s worn out sandals which don’t jingle jangle at all.

  2. Bex says:

    Hahahaha…oh dear….

  3. HelOnWheels says:

    Buahahahaha! Is it wrong to laugh at a post that mentioned lepers?

  4. andrea says:

    Who would buy these? Now I know. You are so funny!

  5. WCGB says:

    suitable for ben-hur’s mom and sister (before the healing, that is)

  6. Andrew says:

    This is so wrong

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