Sea of Shoes is Through Taking Your Shit


That’s right, you meanies. She has shut done her comments because of you. Well, not exactly.   Let her explain in her own words:   “Comments aren’t necessary.”

Who cares what you people think?!? Fuck all y’all. Sea of Shoes is famous now, at least to blog followers, and their feedback doesn’t matter. She’s not here to make friends, after all! And she doesn’t need your stupid opinions.

But wait, I have an opinion, and now it’s too late.   Shit. Let me share it anyway, alright?

My opinion is, Take your new Dolce and Gabbana Wedges ($1,010 at farfetch) and get the money back. Take the money and buy a wheelchair for the guy I met last week who is paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. His sons are hoping the family can raise $1,000 to buy one.

I know it’s not your fault that people are paralyzed. And yet. Oh well.   Like you said, Sea of Shoes, “some people are just born with the compulsion to collect.

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  1. Alice says:

    Well said Sitamo!! What disturbs me the most is that most of the women leaving comments on here about SOS are middle aged women. Why the fuck are a bunch of 40 year olds obsessed with an eighteen year old?? it is creepy. I am a middle aged woman and have just glanced at the SOS blog and found it very boring and irrelevant to my life, she is just another Gen Y’er who flaunts her life in a blog, it’s not really any different to all the other teenage girls who share every aspect of their lives on facebook. The only difference is Sea is in the minority due to her wealth and privilege and if she wants to flaunt it then who gives a shit especially us oldies who can neither afford her clothes or wear them without looking like mutton dressed as lamb

  2. Rose says:

    I think I’ve looked at my last post on Sea of Shoes. After reading it for about 6 months, I find myself a bit disturbed by the mother/daughter dynamic. I don’t want to read too much into it, and I could be totally off base, but it seems like mother is living vicariously through daughter quite a bit, and spending money hand-over-fist in the process. Also, when does Sea of Shoe’s 17-year-old author find time to attend school? I remember her saying on her blog that she was home schooled/attending school online, but is that the most rigorous way to learn subjects like physics, mathematics, etc.? And who is home schooling her? Hopefully she has tutors.

    I’m going to sound really old-fashioned for a minute, but young people need reasonable boundaries, responsibilities, and opportunities to broaden their horizons, partly in order to examine and determine their values. Through the glimpses into this young woman’s life provided by her blog, I don’t see much of that; rather, a narrow obsession with accumulating clothing/shoes and with associating with people in a rarefied industry (although many of those currently employed in that industry became so by hard work and merit).

    I guess it comes down to the difference between the eclecticism of Anna dello Russo, which I love, and the eclecticism of the author of Sea of Shoes. Anna’s sense of style, while also presumably coming from a background of wealth, has soul, creativity, joy, and hard work evident in it. With Jane’s posts, they seem to consist of “I’m sitting here posed on this new furniture because we just remodeled our house, and me and mom spent all day fooling around with our Nikon D3 and taking pictures of these clothes that I (I? one of my parents) bought on our weekend shopping trip, and next week I go to Tokyo to buy some more.” The clothes and photos leave me empty, the implied life of the author leaves me uncomfortable, and so I bid Sea of Shoes adieu.

  3. tracey-bee says:

    I’m so over fashion blogs, believe me in another year or 2 so will everybody else. When new technology swipes in, blogs will be old and something else will be – oh so new.

  4. I like it! I like it a great deal. You know exactly what youre talking about, exactly where other individuals are coming from on this issue. Im glad that I had the fortune to stumble across your blog. Its definitely an important issue that not sufficient individuals are talking about and Im glad that I got the chance to see all of the angles.

  5. inj says:

    I am personally on both sides of this.

    its basically…

    she HAS a sense of style and can appreciate the beauty of things around her…./….which lots of people have and could show if they had the kind of money her family does….

    ….at 18 you can sound a bit conceited easily but that doesn’t deserve such hateful comments…./….some of her actions are hurtful and questionable (shutting off comments)

    ….if you take money out of the equation theres nothing wrong with loving beauty, loving odd-quirky things …./….but with it, you have GOT to have some kind of perspective to how much money means to others

    so all in all I think that shes just another kid holding up, and though its not her ‘fault’ for being rich, I think as she gets older, we should see some decent makings of her love for beauty. She should use her popularity to raise money for causes so OTHERS can see SOME kind of beauty.

    I think she can blog all she wants about whatever she wants, whatever makes her smile, whatever she wants to share and its her choice to shut herself off and if shes happy with it and not worried about hurting her fans, okay. But definitely, I hope she shows maturity and responsibility as she gets older, she owes it….because it was a lot of ‘turn of events’ that made her famous along with her taste.

  6. inj says:

    thumbs up to kelleydgangyo. 🙂

    yeah there is a lot of jealousy here, I am too a bit jealous but at least I’m not some of these people here. we don’t live in utopia, and every person with money is not obligated to give it all away. Its not fair to expect that. and YOU cant judge that. Its too deep an issue to understand, depends on so many things and there are so many ways to look at it. But a mature young woman WOULD/SHOULD show some compassion and the kind of care that makes (some of) us here women. Let her figure it out on her own, don’t bug her. For all you know she has a worse life than you do but portrays something else entirely.

  7. inj says:

    does somebody feel like its sad some of us need to counteract really hurting comments? its common sense and LIFE sense that basically a lot of issue – not only this one- call for! And I’m not sure comments on the internet are going to teach these people not to judge…they need to learn that on their own…and we cant help them.

  8. anj says:

    hi, i know this comment will get attacked from all sides, but here goes nothing…

    i just discovered your blog today, and went through it for some time. at first, my reaction was, “what a frigging pathetic bitter woman using her wit(and the writing is indeed very entertaining) to bring people down”. however, when i re-read the posts, except for your seeming obession with SoS/the Aldridge’s, the entries are in fact, not poisonous at all, and just a very matter of fact (hurtful, but never untruthful) commentary on life as you see it. i was able to pinpoint where my discomfort was coming from, and it’s actually from the vile things that get published in the comments section. fact is, while there is nothing objectionable to your entries, the comments section is a little too much for me. hence i have decided to keep on reading your blog but skip the comments.

    everyone has an opinion, and i guess to those who are preaching that we should not hate etc – cmon let’s be real. we all judge each other, every hour or every day. SW just happens to post her thoughts in public. so what? don’t tell me you have never seen a woman on the street and thought, she looks like crap?! at first i had that hypocritical response to SW, i was like “wtf some bitter woman who cannot afford couture and hence just makes fun of it” but then i realized, hey i just did the same thing and judged her! so SW, i am sorry for judging you (not that it matters to you, but it matters to me to say this).

    i’ll be honest – i find ninistyle’s blog self-absorbed and not well written (so i stopped going to her blog), i like looking at SoS’s pictures but don’t enjoy reading the content. i don’t like life-in-travel’s style but i think she’s a genuinely nice woman and like reading her posts. i like the glamourai and i find Tavi/Bryanboy obnoxious and pathetic. we are all entitled to our opinion. soooooooooooo…

    to the haters – just frigging stop reading the stupid fashion blogs you hate. those bloggers have no obligation to you, so stop feeling entitled that they should write about “important” things. it’s their blog so they are free to put whatever they want. they want to say “life is so great i got another overpriced reindeer sweater for $500”, if they want to look stupid and burn money, let them! why don’t you guys start your own blogs about charity and world peace if you’re so concerned about those issues?! or better yet, why not donate your own money to charity! yeah you don’t have $1000 to spare right? then give $100..or $10…or $1. stop thinking you know best on how to live life and get your own affairs in order first (whoopee, i just did the opposite! so sue me).

    to the fashion bloggers out there – it’s a free country and you are public personalities so stop whining about haters and take the good with the bad. grow some balls and don’t act like you’re fashion Gods. you’re just mildly entertaining people who are incredibly lucky to be enjoying what you have right now.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    anj – You’ll get no attack from me. However, for the record, I’m not “some bitter woman who can’t afford couture.” It’s silly to reduce me (or my blog) to that but I’ve heard worse. It’s interesting how the word “bitter” is the current insult to shut women up. It used to be “Prude” then “middle class” then “bitch”….now it’s “bitter.”

  10. inj says:

    @anj – hmmm well I dont know about that then because if I do judge its basically split second and more of an ‘impression’ kind of thing. I do usually disregard it instantly and i dont act upon it unless im sure it means something. For example I do like sister wolf but I think sometimes she picks on jane when she neednt.

  11. inj says:

    i dont even remember middle class being used. I think that one was longer back.

  12. Cat says:

    I first heard about this girl from this book I bought featuring lots of fashion bloggers. Out of everyone’s ‘About Me’ sections, I felt like I really agreed with everything she said: ‘I think everyone should have a blog…I’m really shy, so my blog is my way of reaching out to people with similar interests.’

    Bullshit! Why would you delete your comments section if you actually want to reach out to people? It’s pretty clear this girl is obsessed with making herself seem cool, but the problem is, she’s the only one who cares. I just visited her blog for the second time ever today and was shocked she didn’t have comments; that’s how I ended up on this page. Her style sucks (in my opinion, anyway). Nothing is fashionable: it truly is a bunch of expensive things thrown together. The fact that she lives in Texas is a joke. I’m pretty sure that even my city, Ann Arbor, is a little cooler than that.

    I read somewhere online before that she was pretentious, and, despite how nice she sounds on parts of her blog, it seems really true after I referred back to the post discussed here. ‘Clothes are like stamps…anyone who collects something can understand that!’ is so defensively pretentious that I want to smack her upside the head. Clothes and stamps are two different things. Stamps are CHEAP! Really, really cheap in comparison to clothes! Clothes serve a fundamental purpose of dressing a person – even if not all clothes are practical, they are supposed to be at least WORN, not just sitting around uselessly! Then, I was even more shocked and appalled to see her reference Daul Kim, who is literally one of my idols and inspirations. I am 1000% sure that if Daul had known Jane, she would have really hated her. I doubt Jane even read Daul’s blog, and the only reason she posted her ‘sorrow’ is so she could appear relevant by knowing the current topic being discussed in the fashion world – which is twisted and disgusting.

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