Shoe Intervention: One Day at a Time

I saw this picture today and it triggered my addiction.

I vaguely recalled seeing these shoes online somewhere and being crushed that they were sold out in my size. But now I had to go look for them again. And this time I found a pair.

There were 290 Euros, which didn’t seem too bad. I put them in a cart and started filling in my details. I was wondering in the back of my mind how I would pay for them, but I told the back of my mind, Big deal, I’ll use the credit card I was planning to stop using.

The total came to $425, after shipping and some crazy tax.   Now I was really struggling. Fuck! That’s a lot of money! I started looking for the shoes again, hoping to find a better price.

The shoes were like a dazzling promise of perfect eternal happiness. If only I had them, I would be the coolest person ever. All those buckles would be a hassle, but once on my feet, the shoes would make me an indestructible goddess and paragon of stylish allure. In fact, they are very similar to some shoes I already own and have worn ONE TIME.

By the grace of god (i.e., a sense of guilt) I was able to resist buying the shoes until chatting with my sponsor, who typed these words:

i will kill you! those are like your acne sandals– DON’T REPEAT BUY!!

What a relief. I didn’t buy more shoes. I have no illusions that this won’t happen again, though. Shoes are a fucking illness that make no sense. If I changed the word “shoes” to dope, I think this would be a story told in AA or NA a million times every day.

Shoes are an empty promise. And this makes me either mad or sad; I’m too much of an addict to distinguish one from the other.

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21 Responses to Shoe Intervention: One Day at a Time

  1. Dexter VanDango says:

    Women invented shoes and the sneeze-guards over buffets.

    Men invented nuclear bombs and voodoo dolls made out of toe-jam and earwax.

    Seriously, once we men pass 50 and our hormone levels plummet we turn into women. Proof? I now pause to look at shoes in shop windows and buy twice as often despite being half as mobile as formerly.

    Women are obsessed with shoes because you had less calloused feet from staying in the cave with the kids, and when you did venture out your feet were tender. Men had leathery feet to match our leathery hearts.

  2. I’m with you all the way – where is the AA for shoes, clothes and bags but then there would be no triumph of the will just mumbling and denial.

  3. hammie says:

    Not that nice really. (sorry) And hey if it is a question of euros, well wait until our economy plummets further and I will get them for half off for you.


  4. Skye says:

    I’m with Hammie, they’re a bit orthopedic looking. Good save!

    I bought some stupid sequinned leggings yesterday, maybe I was channelling you and your reckless shopping?

  5. Skye says:

    If you scroll along the “new arrivals” on this site, you’ll come to a shoe called the Soultry which reminds me of those ones you didn’t buy. With our crappy weak dollar + shipping I think it would still be less than half price of the ones you didn’t buy. Let me know if you want them!

  6. ^I think Skye is an enabler!
    I suffer from this same addiction, Sister (among others). I nearly bought a pair of Marni wedge sandals that were on sale (don’t look!), despite having no job or income at the moment. Thank God good sense intervened to prevent me or I’d probably be selling them on eBay for half the price by now.

  7. OMGGMAB says:

    I saw very similar looking footwear in a local department store the other day. I think the “gladiator look” has gone mainstream, so you should be able to pick up a pair for considerably less money, Sister. They look fabulous under a nun’s habit!

  8. Jill says:

    Shoes are the bane of my credit card…and my husband.

  9. andrea says:

    I bought them and they are amazing!! If u get them at gargyle, oak, or reborn in Canada they come out cheaper. I stupidly got them from surface2air in Paris and paid more. Seriously, we must talk, me of the fibromyalgia and shoe addiction. I have lots of funny stories about how I lie to myself.

  10. Sal says:

    I have SO been there. Amazing how a nice wrist-slap from an outside source can make all that shoe-induced haze evaporate, isn’t it? Thank goodness for your sponsor.

  11. andrea says:

    One more thing- I offset the guilt and spending by selling my cast offs on eBay. You might want to try that before you buy more. I actually have a following and repeat customers because they like my style.

  12. Jools says:

    ooooo Andrea-thanks for all those websites. Sister, I have RA AND shoe addiction. My left foot can wear practically anything while my right foot has severe restrictions. This means any halfway chic shoe my right foot can walk in is a go! I have never bought a shoe online. Way too risky. But I still make mistakes! Somehow, in a store, overcome with love and excitement, an unwearable shoe mysteriously feels quite comfortable. Why is this?

  13. But of course you were tempted and almost caved, that shot is like great 70’s shoe porn, I can hear the shoe porn music now.

  14. Aja says:

    You all are bad for my pocketbook.

  15. JoolzGirl says:

    I love these shoes. Sadly I have been banned from buying any new shoes by the partner who has insisted on instigating a “one pair allowed in, when one pair goes out” policy. But I simply CAN’T get rid of any of my current pairs. Just because I haven’t worn those gold spangly 70s platform sandals for years DO NOT MEAN that I won’t! And the MEMORIES! It would be like cutting off my arm. I think I should turn one of my walls into a shoe museum. That might make both of us happy. Well, me, anyway.

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Dexter – My old age has also triggered the shoe interest. I didn’t care about them for a looooooong time. And now look.

    Agh – Ha, so true.

    Hammie -Thank you, you’re the best.

    Skye -The tragic thing is, I still long for those stupid leggings.

    Iheartfashion – Oh god. And we wear the same size…

    OMGGMAB – Yep, maybe an awful Steve Madden knock-off.

    Jill – But do you at least wear them??

    Andrea – We have merged completely. I’m scared.

    Sal -Yes, although she is still an addict herself.

    Jools – Is it because we’re high on shopping endorphins?

    fashionherald -Hahahahahha!

    Aja – Misery loves company! xo

    Joolzgirl – The museum is really a good idea. Think it over. You could put those tiny white museum cards next to each pair, with the year and the memory…

  17. G says:

    This is why I love this blog.. Refreshing point of view as usual and/or something I’ve been thinking.
    I used to be (even more) obsessed/addicted to shoes. Given in quite a few times. I remember some months back I literally felt sick in the stomach b/c I didn’t have the Nine West “Heech” shoes every blogger had. Got my hands on a pair and so far I’ve worn them 5 times… MAYBE. (I paid double for them thanks to taxes and shipping=$180)

    Before I got them I convinced myself I needed them and would be the hottest/coolest/ dressed girl and I’d wear it 60% of the time.
    Then I got about 3 more shoes which I was just as obsessed over. Luckily I can say one of them was well worth it, and it only costed $17. (Not including overseas shipping… but still).

    I try to get cheap shoes so I don’t kick myself when I don’t wear them anymore. Plus alot more flats.

  18. hammie says:

    Who counts all the shoes we turn down? I could have got some patent Jimmy Choo knee high stiletto boots for half price in the Harvey Nicks sale. I reckon I could have made a cash offer and got them for €250 in the crashing economy. If I wore em with my nightie then Mr H would not have objected, but I didnt succumb. I didnt and I regret it every single day.

    So who counts the shoes we give up?

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    G- I HATE those Nine West shoes. The hell with them! $17 is good though.

    hammie – This is a heavy philosophical question, like the one hand clapping. I must ponder it.

  20. hoochiegucci says:


  21. Sister Wolf says:

    Hoochiegucci – Oh you and your six inch stilettos!

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