Spider Fashion

Spidery things are on my radar today. I’m proud to say that I have no fear of spiders. I’m afraid of squirrels and rodents and midgets, but spiders are nothing. I enjoy killing them. I’ve even sprayed them with gold paint, just to make them ornamental for a moment.

Here is a spider web t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. If I were 20 years old, I would definitely want this shirt.

More problematic are these shoes by John Galliano. There are reduced from $850 to only $150, and they are available in my size, an enormous and crowd-pleasing size 40. The thing is, I would never wear them. I know from experience that I’d just add them to my Museum of Shoes I Can’t Walk In. On the other hand, wouldn’t they make a nice addition to the collection?

Isn’t it sad that I am mostly reacting to the original price? I want to save $700!

I read some thing at Time magazine online, about people who are trying to live with only 100 things. It’s a concept that I find very appealing and also terrifying. I probably have 100 hair products. Maybe I could throw some out, though. And then I could buy the shoes.

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12 Responses to Spider Fashion

  1. Sonja says:

    more spidery fashion: http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20206963_7,00.html

  2. enc says:

    I vote buy the shoes, add them to the exhibit of “shoes you can’t walk in,” and open a museum!

    Charge $14 a head to get in, then sit back as you rake in the cash. Then you can buy all the shoes you want. Even the ones Ed McMahon wouldn’t spring for.

  3. Imelda Matt says:

    100 things!!!! This gets filed in ‘only in america’…which as you expect, is bursting at the seams! Every nun should own a pair of these spider squashing shoes! How much more enjoyable would doing nun-things be if they were part of the uniform?

  4. Sonja says:

    oh sorry, that link didn’t lead you to where i intended it to – a pic of Kylie Minogue performing in Moscow in a very purple, very blatantly spidery dress.

    By the way I haven’t yet recovered from reading your confession about spray painting spiders gold. That is fucking horrible.

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    I found the Kylie dress. Ugh!

    Try to get past the spray painting…think of it as helping flies.

  6. K-Line says:

    I think it’s worth spending $150 to save $700! And in pounds that’s, like, nothing…

  7. susie_bubble says:

    It’s my natural urge to save money too….

  8. Tobi Lynne says:

    I LOVE those shoes. And, I really want that shirt. (Although I think it needs to be worn with some lower-rise jeans — looks weird with her jeans halfway up the web.)

  9. WendyB says:

    I heart those shoes.

    People who drone on about “I only wear these seven items” or “My entire world consists of 100 items” have an amazing level of narcissism. If they’re so Zen, they should just do it and not be so attention-seeking about it. But it wouldn’t be worth doing without shoving it in everyone’s face, would it?

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    It’s all about the moral superiority. I agree.

    I think I might need the shoes.

  11. ohh that’s a somewhat awesome shirt. How hard can it be to make? I’m sure I have a scalpel tucked away somewhere. but probably i would want to wear it over something. because your back would get cold. and obsessive compulsive people will be constantly sticking their fingers in teh holes. and the shoes. they’re beautiful and so gloriously high. If I tried walking in them, I would just fall on my face and smash my brains open.

  12. gilda says:

    those are some amazing shoes. i want to save 700 bucks too.

    how can anyone live with just 100 things?!?! i have about that amount on my dressing table. god.

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