Sruli Recht Delivers

Remember Sruli Recht, the Israeli/Australian designer with a studio in Iceland?

His ready-to-wear menswear is now available online!

The sweater and shorts above are made from the wool of Icelandic sheep who “have been bred unmixed for 11 hundred years.”   Good to know.   But here’s more:

Garment description:

Fitted Single breasted Icelandic woolen-felt Jacket, draped as a sole rectangle, shaped with one dart running from the scapula through to the nape – draped entirely on a K&L 38 stand and on the body of a man named Emil in Reykjavik.

The shorts were also draped entirely on Emil’s legs. Not only that, but they’re lined in Japanese silk and cotton.   I would buy them just to feel close to Sruli.

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11 Responses to Sruli Recht Delivers

  1. ali says:

    look, mermaid anatomy:

    i don’t get this guy.

  2. Marky says:

    To answer the question you posed back in January, I would like to have sex with Sruli Recht.

    I’d wear the shorts to Trader Joe’s with blue slip-on Vans and a Taavo T-shirt from 2002 that reads, “When we were punk.”

  3. Jaimi says:

    Oh, Sruli could definitely get it. So sincere and charming! Plus I dig the whole ‘modern primitive’ aesthetic done right.

  4. I’d but them to feel close to the unmixed sheep.

  5. oops sorry that was supposed to say ‘buy’

  6. liz says:

    he’s definitely got that mad genius mixed with nonchalant mountain stoner vibe about him but his clothes are a third personality altogether. he’s brilliant

  7. Brie says:

    The shorts at the site, when you just have it download?

    You can tell they were made by someone who has no idea how to drape/cut clothing since they have that “I took a HUGE dump in my pants” look.

    I admit that I like some of the shirts though.

  8. Cricket9 says:

    I’m rather baffled by the “unmixed sheep”.

  9. Srenna says:

    Not sure that I want to see a human being wear that outfit, but it looks really comfortable.

  10. anA says:

    If you like Sruli, you would most certainly enjoy Eugene Hutz

  11. Andra says:

    Comfortable certainly. But it has no shape. Imagine what it would be like after you wore it for an hour or two. You could use it to wash the car.

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