Stupid Husbands


The subject of old TV shows came up while we were driving home from somewhere. I made some remark about how sitcoms always portray husbands as morons. My husband pointed out that in “I Love Lucy,” the very first sitcom, Ricky Ricardo was portrayed as the brains of the family.

I thought it over for two or three seconds and disagreed. I know Lucy was daffy and got into mischief, but it’s not like Ricky ever knew what to do about anything. She worried about making him mad, but in her sneaky way, she was really the boss.

Now my husband got into it. Ricky owned his own club! How could a stupid guy do that? he demanded. I insisted that this didn’t prove anything. Ricky seemed like kind of a dim bulb, and that was how the audience was meant to view him. My husband yelled, I mean said, “I DISAGREE.”

Later, I searched the internets for some hint as to what the general consensus was about Ricky Ricardo. Strangely, there was no analysis of Ricky’s character anywhere, just the usual crap about the real Lucy and Desi partnership.

I asked my nephew (an  intellectual AND a longshoreman) what he thought about Ricky. He agreed with me. Ha! Case Closed.

But the subject of stupid husbands came up again last week, when some women I know admitted to hiding their purchases from their husbands. Even today, no one wants to make Ricky mad!   One of the women had been married for 40 years, and she still had to pretend her new Chanel sunglasses were a gift.

There must be a lot of stupid husbands out there. And a lot of women willing to be stupid, too. Thank god my husband is smart enough to let me buy whatever I goddamn please, even if he’s wrong about Ricky.

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  1. Suebob says:

    My friend is a stupid husband. We were out to dinner and he turned to ask his wife “What is it that I like at this restaurant?”

    Maybe he has a wife so he doesn’t have to remember to take his own brain with him.

  2. elena says:

    john rants about potrayal of stupid men on tv all the time. it’s his pet peeve. but guess who does all the problem solving at our house? HONEY…

  3. G says:

    Some men make the mistake of trusting their wives and thinking they wouldn’t do dishonest things like hide their purchases from us; the stupid husband exists, I know.

  4. daisy says:

    My husband calling home to ask me which pairs of shoe belongs to him when he’s leaving a friend’s house and there are a few shoes there. (he took off his shoe at the door and didnot know which one to put back on?)

  5. Rachel says:

    This is a hyserical blog.

  6. Rachel says:

    My husband is an idiot. He calls everyone with a minor weakness weakminded. What he forgets is that he has 3 byproducts of his moments of weakmindedness. He was a slut and chose easy skanky women. My dimwhittedness believed that he grew up from his ways. 10 years later he is still a 10 year old in a 40 year old body. Anyone want a free husband? He’s useless and will make your life miserable with his 5 children from 3 wives. But he’s got bicepts to burn, so if your thing is bicepts and raw egg smoothies, my husband is the guy for you.

  7. adriana says:

    I just have a stupid husband who is just that, stupid. I’ve tried to downplay the fact that he is actually that stupid, but to no success, he has not come out any smarter. Makes people laugh by trying to use big words and then at end of night asks me what they mean! Lol! I’m just really pissed and it makes me feel good to let me rant on how stupid he really is! Also 4 children 3 different moms and had nerve to say I was quote ‘fast’ when I was in high school (he’s 2nd person I’ve ever been with!) Ahh! Moron!

  8. Corinna1952 says:


  9. Corinne says:

    Let me just explain alittle bit more than wow. Men are controlling selfish big babies. Selfish because they always put them selves first. Controlling because if it’s cool or money related it has to Be there idea or it’s stupid. Babies because they make no sense and argue with everything we try to say. I have to hide shit I bye too because I don’t feel like getting a rashen of shit for buying something for my self. However it’s perfectly fine for the assholes to come home with what ever bright idea they have bought broken down and have used or new. Event if they already have one. After I had a baby and was changing diapers all day and night, do u have any idea how fucking stupid my husband would look in his tighty whities arguing with me. He looked like a giant baby with a saggy droopy diaper yelling at me. It was a very sore sight. He’s 6’1″ tighty whities!!! How sexy is that. Hahaha gerk. Well I burned them. Couldn’t take it anymore. He pisses me off he’s a moron too. What is wrong with them. Idk. Thanks for letting me vent.

  10. KJ says:

    This blog makes me feel better already. I thought that only my husband is stupid. Sometimes I wonder if all the dumb stuff he does is just him and I have shitty luck, or if there are more donkeys out there.

    Thanks ladies! I’m sure I will post again soon!
    (All jokes aside, we are clearly the superior sex!)

  11. hola says:

    Stupid oaf! Aahhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Dana says:

    What a fuck up / If I could go back never never When I say a Fuck up I mean fucking stupid

  13. Sylvia says:

    My husband takes over every conversation. Thinks he knows everything. Offered to teach a friend how to paint the interior of her house. He started tell her how to do it. He has never painted anything, but he is an expert. I have painted every interior of our houses. He argues with me even when we are saying the same thing, he says “you didn’t say it the same way I did”. Well shithead stop…listen…think. Any work to be done around the house, I have to give him a list and keep at him to get it done. First he has to go biking, then eat, then take a nap, over half the day is gone and he won’t do anything around the house after 4 pm.

    Can’t talk in a normal voice, has to yell when he gets slightly upset. Then when I ask him to lower his voice, he says he is not yelling. Well, then why does the dog go to the door and grrr to go out. Even the dog doesn’t want to hear him yell.

    Makes fun of me because I am 15 pounds overweight, then brings me chocolate candy bars. Tells me I have no will power. We gee, when you have not seen chocolate for two weeks and it is an hour before your next meal, what do you expect poop head? Guess, I’ve been around the kids too much, need some adult company that knows how to be pleasant and carry on a conversation in a normal voice.

  14. justsomegirl says:

    i feel better reading these.
    so many of you said all of my thoughts already.
    my husband is a total reject.
    he constantly argues until he gets mad, and then
    when he realizes i was right, he still wont admit it.
    he would rather go on sounding stupid than admit to being
    wrong ever.
    he always yells but says he’s not yelling.
    like i cant tell the difference between loud and normal.
    he’s clingy and selfish and stupid.
    sometimes i wonder seriously (no joke) if he really is
    an idiot, or if he’s just an asshole.
    probably both.

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