The Black Jacket Project

Inspired by the mom-woman and her what-I-wore pictures, I’ve decided to share my carefully curated collection of Black Jackets.   I only had time for five of them. Believe me, this is just   the tip of the Black Jacket Iceberg. The jacket above is a leather jacket by Rachel Roy, around 4 years old. Check out the peplum thing in the back.

Here’s a wool motorcycle jacket and notice how I didn’t use “moto” in my description.

Here’s another wool motorcycle jacket that’s kind of quilted and shorter.

This one is a cashmere jacket by Richard Tyler…my very first eBay purchase. It has a beautiful embroidered lining in peach satin.

Here is the Plein Sud jacket that I got at the UCLA Cancer Thrift Shop a few years ago. I once used it to sit on at a Patti Smith concert at the pier, that’s how awesome I am.

Would you like to see some more Black Jackets? There are two more leather ones, two cotton ones, and I’m afraid to   remember if there are others.

What the hell is wrong with me? (Oh shit, I just remembered the Ann D. jacket I got from!) How many times do you have to buy the same thing before you feel satisfied, you know what I’m saying?

Or maybe it’s my life’s work to curate Black Jackets? I hope not.

Now tell the class what item you are doomed to keep buying. And if you choose to gush over any of my jackets, please call me “Judy”, just for fun!

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45 Responses to The Black Jacket Project

  1. hammie says:

    Okay, I’ll take the Peplum yoke and Cashmere one please…


  2. Isabelle says:

    I have this thing for curating black sweaters.

  3. andrea says:

    i am that way, but with black shoes/boots, black dresses, and black coats. It used to be also with black sweaters, but I have too many hot flashes to wear sweaters anymore. Anyone want to buy some designer (Yohji, Comme des Garcons, Ann Demeulemeester, Margiela, Acne, etc) sweaters? I think I have my retirement fund in those sweaters! Your jackets look so you. And you shouldn’t feel bad about them. You have different jackets for the different “personae” that you present to the world on any given day, said with a bit of snark, mixed with just a frisson of truth : ) Btw, like the ankle boots you are wearing! They look like they could be the perfect army boot. Oops, there goes my shoe thing again!

  4. Romeo says:

    Thanks for the “mom-woman” epithet. It’s rocketed to number one in my collection of disdainful terms.

  5. arline says:

    Even in your mockery, you are far more stylish than “mom-woman”.

  6. Cricket9 says:

    andrea, I may be interested in your sweaters, as I’m happily (almost) past hot flashes stage. What size are you?
    I seem to source and curate (hee hee hee) black pants in all forms and shapes. I also have a think for pens and stationery that I’m trying to bring under control.
    “Judy” – complements on an impressive collection!
    Have to run to get a mammogram done. Aaargh!

  7. Dru says:

    Andrea- if you can hang on a few months (to when I have a semblance of an income), I’d probably buy your sweaters. Dependent on size issues, of course.

    I curate fashion magazines. Probably because they’re the only ‘fashion’ things I can afford…

  8. Dru says:

    There’s one item of clothing I am doomed to keep buying, over and over again- men’s button-down shirts.

  9. XuXu says:

    Oh Oh!
    Oh La Judy!!

    You take me to the days of my beloved
    Black Leather Jacket that belonged to
    my clown wherehouse mate (he actually
    is a real clown…and we lived in a real
    wherehouse…with real joy and real
    stinky armpits).

    How I loved that jacket.
    How I threatened to strike him when
    he finally reclaimed that jacket.
    How I stopped myself when I thought on
    the fact that he had been, in total fact,
    struck by lightening once in his life and
    that was all the striking a good clown
    could take…and so I simply sulked.


    LOVE AFFAIR OF MINE!!!!!!!!!!

    Work it gurl.


  10. I “acquire” floral dresses by the dozen – i don’t even like half of them any more! I am envious of your black jacket collection though “judy” *I DIE*

  11. You do women who are mothers proud. That Richard Tyler is gorgeous, his tailoring detail is always impressive. And a close friend I worked with used to make fun of me as I always bought black shirts when we were shopping. And yet, I still need a really great black shirt!

  12. How about Buddha? says:

    Great photos! Should be posted under, Godammit, I’m hot, and I’m getting hotter!

    I curate rocket ships, and I’m after yours (the one with the clock . . . I’ve seen it in pictures you’ve posted, in the distant past).

  13. andrea says:

    All you black lovers, you should come to NY and do a shopping mission to the Comme des Garcons BLACK store. Most of the stuff is black, and it never goes out of style. Much less expensive than the main line. Oh, isn’t the idea here to examine what and why we keep buying black stuff? Never mind.

  14. vergoncha says:

    Judy! I just love your Plein Sud! haha

    Sister Wolf,

    I just wanted to say that I have just recently run across your blog and already it is one of my favorites. You’re absolutely hilarious. I love a good harmless heckle fest and this site is on top of the game!

    As for the items I “acquire”… black boots! Ugly, Black, Gnarly Shit Kickers… you can never have too many.

  15. Iron Chic says:

    Judy, I curate all manner of footwear…I’m never satisfied. They are useless to me in the foot of snow we have here.

  16. dust says:

    I collect everything and then cut it all and make it better. Then, after I’ve fixed it all to perfection, I give it away to my friends, for fee. No respect! Shoes, colors, buttons, all goes under the knife, sooner or later. Luckily, I’m a cheap bitch so it costs more time than money and my friends love more than they should.

    Judy, I’d like to say something about your jackets, but all I see is THE hair, sorry.

  17. Pudfish says:

    But where is your Goony Bird pose?

  18. Dru says:

    andrea- cool you mentioned the BLACK line, I’m a bit of a fan of the NY store employees’ blog. One of the girls who works there is in fact my latest blog crush- I know Sister Wolf’s views on fashion bloggers but this one really does seem like something special.

    Sister, I’m sorry to say I seem to notice your hair+lipstick more than the jackets in the photographs! Someone should pay you to model lipstick.

  19. WendyB says:

    I INSIST upon seeing ALL your black jackets. And if you run out of jackets, please borrow some from someone else.

  20. Ann says:

    Andrea, let’s talk black sweaters! You have buyers clamoring over here, including yours truly!

    I curate white v-neck tee shirts. I own easily 20 of them and can tell you at a glance from 50 paces away which is which.

    “Judy,” both moto jackets (yes, that’s right, I said moto) are amaaaaazing! I DIE for them, and I think the way you are rocking the quilted, shorter one is so fierce. And I love the ethereal, airy pose you’re striking in the last picture. So HAWT!

  21. Paige says:

    shoes that lace up and aren’t trainers; mad curation!

  22. Mark says:

    I have sourced, acquired, and curated 47 pairs of Levi’s.

  23. Mark says:

    P.S. There’s a reason you have so many black jackets–you look great in them all.

  24. Alicia says:

    I tend to “curate” black ankle boots. Very strange.

    Now, more black jackets!!!

  25. Sil says:

    Mmmm… let me think… I supose that I “curate” t-shirts. I never throw them, so I have one or to that are the correct age to join the army or get the driving licence… what can be done here when you are 18. Oh, and I have loads of make up stuff and nail polish… but cheap nail polish.

    Your jackets are really great. I had a black motorcycle jacket years ago, small size man, but my mother got rid of it while I was abroad… that was not nice from her.

  26. MJ says:

    Very rock ‘n roll, very fierce.

    I’m a black turtleneck devotee, myself.

  27. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Dear Sister Judy Wolfe

    You have killer hair and figure. And nice work with the red lippie.

    I like to source and collect lots of heavily discounted high end silk designer frocks with side pockets. I’m partial to Pucci, Malene Birger, Chloe, and See by Chloe.

    I also collect drought tolerant cottage garden plants which I curate in my postage stamp sized garden.

    Meanwhile Mrs Palin hasn’t been back to visit my blog.

  28. Ha! Judy you are a doll!

    Love your curation of black jackets. I’m thinking V&A and a cardboard cut out of you in every one, plus an installation film of you finding them in the wardrobe.

  29. erika says:

    I collect dresses, especilaly white dresses. I can’t get enough of them. I have to stop myself from buying them.

  30. suzbee says:

    grey tee shirts and grey cardigans.

  31. lizzifer says:


    I have some cool black motorcycle jackets. Wanna start a biker gang? I’ll totally go get some honkey-ass hogs to tool around in?

  32. patni says:

    Dear Judy.
    you have a killer collection. I can never bring my self to curate anything as useful and wearable as a black jacket. I curate stupid ballgowns and shoes with giant high heels. I wear them. maybe once in a millions years. Yet.. I think my life’s work is to curate and archive ballgowns and party dresses and high sparkly shoes. Or suede shoes when i live in a place where it rains or snows every day.

  33. kate says:

    Judy you are so brave and a total inspiration to me–not to *mensch* skinny and blond (in a few streaks)! I too want to parade my compulsive acquiring of secondhand gems of fine label and great fiber content, but I am but an anonymous internet sycophant. Judy, I can see your early modeling experience taught you to give “good face” as another powerful mother Madonna Ciccone might say. AH-MAZE-ZING.

    P.S. I hoard silk scarves–not yet Hermes, but I’m going to divorce a lawyer soon for a sweet settlement and here come the bright orange n horse carts.

  34. Mia says:

    I curate lingerie…beautiful, delicate lacy bras and semi-transparent panties and then I WEAR COTTON MARKS & SPENCER KNICKERS. *ahem* =_=

    But Judy….you look AWESOME. 🙂

  35. Queen Michelle says:

    Your quilted motorcycle style jacket is stunning. Jealous here!
    I definitely ‘curate’ leggings and tights, but I live in Scotland so I can be forgiven I think.

  36. David Duff says:

    “What the hell is wrong with me?”

    You have a neck problem and/or a camera problem which makes your head tilt to your left. Stop it! Now! I’ve given up trying to get you to smile at me so that I can put you up there in my Pantheon of Goddesses alongside Sarah and Ann, but I will not put up with sloppy posture!

  37. Cricket9 says:

    I forgot about silk scarves! I have two huge boxes of second-hand silk scarves. I even, sometimes, wear them.

  38. Jules says:

    i used to have a problem with scarves and men’s ties. I have quite a collection of scarves stored under my bed in a massive container. My ties seemed to have found other homes. I have a thing for weird patterns and fabric and they always seem to show up on ties and scarves. Too bad I never wear either of them anymore

  39. Izzi says:

    Combat boots from thrift stores. I can’t stop buying them. They don’t even have to fit perfectly, if they’re close I’ll figure that I can make them work. No one needs eight pairs of combat boots.

  40. dana says:

    Maybe I should start a blog documenting my curated collection of toddler chasing mom-woman outfits of jeans, tshirts, plaid flannel shirts, and sneakers. You are the wind beneath my wings!

  41. Louise says:

    Cardigans, of bad, hair-clashing colour, and with dubious vintage buttons. Can’t help myself.

  42. TheShoeGirl says:

    Ugh. It’s obviously shoes for me… The worst part is the shoes that seem rad in theory but that I end up wearing once or twice.

  43. Audi says:

    I had amassed 8 or 9 pairs of black mary janes before I realized it was time to stop the madness. Now I’ve moved on to furiously buying cropped boots, but at least they tend to be in different colors…

  44. Stella Mayfair says:

    I’m with Celine here. Shoes, shoes all the way. They took over my apartment long ago, and I can hear them plotting and planning in the shoe closet, trying to scare my tiny collection of dresses and jackets away, making room for more shoes. I’m obviously fukken sick.

    PS: LOOOOVE your black jackets, Sister!

  45. Devin says:

    Hi! I have a question….what do you know about the 3rd wool jacket you’re wearing in your post because i just came across a jacket that looks exactly like it, but it doesnt have a tag in it anymore. Only info I could pull from it was the zipper that says Riri M8. Googled around with a description of the jacket and yours is the closest I came to it.

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