The Petite Cuteness

She had me at “crocodile.”

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23 Responses to The Petite Cuteness

  1. Alicia says:

    That girl-child is awesome.

    I generally hate small children (stems from an irrational fear), but I LOOOOOOVE this one.

  2. Minzhi says:


    i love the ‘you decided to be dead in heaven’
    and ‘hippo is allergic to magic’ part

  3. alittlelux says:

    i had some fun trying to figure out the story without the subtitles. she is soooo cute! i am going to repost this!!!!

  4. I started to laugh when she talked about how they took that very long trip without even taking the train, and then found myself tearing up when she started talking about the animals who lived in boxes because they were poor.

  5. skye says:

    My little dude was very taken with her – no surprises as he is also a proponent of the long (somewhat bloodthirsty) tale featuring lions, crocodiles and ghosts. Maybe one day they’ll get married and it will be like some kind of cuteness vortex which sucks the rest of the universe into it..

  6. theresa says:

    this makes me want babies. my dorm neighbor probably hates me for plugging in my speakers for this to create a megaphone french baby effect.

  7. Sheri says:

    Nothing cuter than an adorable little girl with giant brown eyes speaking french — and that’s not even taking into account the wonderful story!

  8. honeypants says:

    I saw this a few months ago, and my first comment was “I want a little French girl!” And I’m sticking to it.

  9. Max and Coco have been watching her videos for a while. She’s adorable.

  10. The cuteness is almost too much!! Can’t. Take. It. Alright, need to go start making babies 🙂

  11. Juri says:

    I couldn’t finish it but she almost had me crying at “they did not even take the train”. Her unguardedly welcoming way of communicating with her surroundings makes me think there’s something wrong with life, or the world, or both of them but not with me, of course. Nevertheless, I envy her.

  12. Constance says:

    Love her!

  13. TheShoeGirl says:

    Ah man… this makes me sad. French was my first and primary language until I went to kindergarden where all the little American kids made fun of me for mixing up my French and English words.
    I came home crying and told my mom I NEVER wanted to speak French again!
    I can’t wait until they invent time machines so I can go back and tell 5 year old me to stick with it and tell those snot nosed brats to shove it.

    This girl is really very cute. Watching this made my ovaries kick a little. “We wanna make a baby!”
    No no ovaries… not yet.

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Alicia – Me too, I can’t even get sick of her.

    Minzhi – Hahahaha!

    Arline – Yes!

    alittlelux – Yeah, it would be good without the subtitles, too.

    theRaisonGirl – What about the dead people in heaven??

    Skye – This is a GREAT plan.

    theresa – HAHAHAHA!

    Sheri – Yep, I had no idea, but I’m sold.

    honeypants – Good! Get on it!

    Iheartfashion – Tell those kids to let me know what else I’ve been missing.

    WendyB – Did you get maternal for a moment??

    Blackburn – Please!!!!!!

    Juri – Why couldn’t you finish, Juri??

    Constance – Let’s marry her!

    TheShoeGirl – I know what you mean, I almost started to lactate. Maybe if I watch it again.

  15. Aja says:

    This is why I always swore to teach my children french. Pure amusement and hours of it.

  16. Hoochiegucci says:

    Sorry…I tried my hardest…honestly…but, still, yet, I sooooo totally don’t get it!

    In fact I couldn’t make through to even half way….

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    Aja – A good vow, I forgot to make that one.

    Hoochie – That’s cuz you’re a complete cunt.

  18. Moda says:

    She’s an awesome storyteller! I love chickenbox, and the crocodile hiding in the grass and the whole thing really. My wee guy always calls “Bothwell” Castle (in Lanarkshire) “Bunkerton” Castle. It cracks me up every time. I don’t even know why it’s so funny!

  19. Dru says:

    Sister, this is completely the wrong thing to show any part of your audience who may still be in their childbearing years- it almost made me go back on my decision to eschew procreation. And oh God, ADORABLE.

  20. Dru says:

    Also, she’s a good storyteller even without the phenomenal amounts of cute going on there.

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