The Shoe Challenge


Okay.   Pony fur, check.   Rhinestones, check.   Diamonds (?!), check.   Gladiator straps, check.   Absurd price, check.

Is there a worse shoe, ( not   counting this one from Topshop, which I’m sure is a little joke and not really a shoe, as such?)


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12 Responses to The Shoe Challenge

  1. Brenda says:

    If a shoe could be considered totally fucking stupid, this shoe, both of them actually, would exactly that.

    I’m telling you, I’m telling YOU ALL, shoes are yesterday. Yesterday as in 2008. Over.

    This time next year everyone who knows anything will be rolling their eyes at these monstrosities and soft, wholesome and extremely comfy granny shoes will be all the rage. As in ALL the fucking rage.

    And all those losers who could feed an African village on what they spent on their ugly shoes that they thought were so “fierce”? Haha! Tough shit cunts! Hope the premature knee replacement works out for you!

  2. Suebob says:

    Check these out. They are shoes that are like NOT WEARING SHOES. But uglier.

  3. HelOnWheels says:

    Buahahahahaha!! That’s funny, SW.

    Wait….those are real shoes? It’s not somebody playing a prank? And they’re Givenchy?? How the mighty have strayed.

  4. Braindance says:

    Never did I think the day would come, when my eyeballs would be subjected to something worse than a croc shoe. It is like a nike shoe for a yeti who really digs tie dye.
    Suebob, they really are horrific and clumsy and just everything that a shoe should not be.

    As for those Givenchy turds, words fail me. As we say in England, chavtastic.

    My contribution is the boot above.

  5. Deni says:

    Suebob, I actually like “the shoes that are like NOT WEARING SHOES. But uglier.” I would wear them on the beach, washing my car, taking my hour long walk every night, and on Halloween with a hat. As for high heels, I think they were meant only for late night dinners and the boudoir (cfms). I wouldn’t give up comfort at work or shopping or walking for all the rhinestones on Elvis’s cape.

    I may not be able to afford style but I am resplendent in comfortable “granny” shoes already Brenda (and yet, I still manage to trip wearing those).

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Brenda – Wow. Very eloquent!

    Suebob – You need to warn me if you’re going to do that!!!!

    HelOnWHeels – Tragic.

    Braindance – Jesus Christ almighty! Who is responsible?

    Deni – High heels are for keeping in boxes under the bed. Duh.

  7. hammie says:

    High heels are for the school run! So all the other mothers can raise their eyebrows and make bitchy comments behind your back as you flit in and out to your car.

    (then go home and put on Doctor Scholl wedges to do the housework)


  8. Braindance says:

    Sister Wolf, I do not know who made those heinous crime to the eyes, I just googled “the worlds worst shoe” and that is what popped up.

    Here is some more grimness for you wolf, courtesy of Christian Lacroix

    High heels are for the school run Hammie, there is one woman at my school, with three children under 5, and she NEVER does the school run without full makeup, heels and clothes that form an outfit, unlike I, who does it in pj’s and a hat. The other mums do have a bitch, but I think, good on her, it floats her boat.

    I can just about manage to wipe away the dribble and brush my teeth.

  9. Those foot-shaped shoes have me truly alarmed!

  10. Mark says:

    I’ll never wear shoes again!

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