The Ugly Pig Diversion!

Did Daphne Guinness call Victoria Beckham an Ugly Pig or not, that is the question.   And what a welcome distraction! I needed to cleanse my brain’s palate, between world crises, and the Daphne-Posh imbroglio is the perfect sorbet.

When you read Daphne’s denial of the stuff she swears she didn’t say, you know she’s furious. And you know she’s lying to save face, after recklessly shooting her mouth off to a reporter, who she then calls “Brutus!” According to her tweets, Daphne feels betrayed: She trusted the reporter not to make her look like a bitch.

I think Daphne is over-reacting. Who among us has not called Victoria Beckham an ugly pig at one time or another, or at  least  Pigface?   I’m sure Vickie is used to this kind of thing. I personally love her but I know I’ve made fun of her, too.

Maybe Daphne shouldn’t have complained that Victoria has a financial backer, pointing out to the reporter Brutus that   she pays for her own fashion creations with her own money. Since  Daphne  paid $15 million for her New York apartment, I think she should keep quiet about money but that’s just me.

Daphne, I know you’re reading this. Don’t be mad. I’m on your side. Sort of. I don’t like when you talk about killing yourself. I used to use that expression all the time too, but I’ve reconsidered. Or putting it another way, I wouldn’t use the expression so wantonly. I know you’re fragile and all that, but your’e a grown-ass women, as they say on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.   Start acting like one!

Now, who thinks that Brutus MADE UP Daphne’s comments in the Sunday Times? I’d like to hear from you.

Who thinks Daphne said those things, but Brutus should have known it was off the record?

How many Ugly Pigs are there in this story, including me?

Finally, who plans to follow Daphne on Twitter?

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26 Responses to The Ugly Pig Diversion!

  1. EJ says:

    High treason! Victoria Beckham is more precious than the queen (I’m only half joking, I have a strange fondness for the Beckhams). I don’t think, in this case, that the comments were made up, but who knows? And who cares really, since it’s more fun to think that it’s true?

    I hope your Brutus references are a nod to the fact that it was on this day way back when that Julius Caesar was murdered. If so, I think I love you.

  2. David Duff says:

    In a very real sense does anyone give a flying pig one way or another?

  3. Ann says:

    It feels so good to laugh – thank you for this!

    My take: Daphne said it, and if I were Brutus, I would have published it too. Escandalo! And I think Daphne is the ugly pig, but that’s just ’cause I like Vickie better than her.

  4. Sabina says:

    Them two look alike, no? Especially here side by side. Like – almost beautiful but not quite getting there. Then trowel the high fashion on and hey presto!

  5. Cricket9 says:

    At least Daphne was not pussyfooting around John Galliano, like Franca Sozzani & Co. I like her more now.

  6. Lara says:

    She totally said it in confidence. I’ve never liked Victoria all that much but after I found out about the affair Daphne is a part of, she’s definitely the ugly pig in my book.

  7. Both not in my favourites list xx

  8. I have posted the article to you yesterday before seeing this as the whole thing is well worth a read!! She so called VB ‘ugly pig’ she says more.

    You will love the article – I sent it to cheer you up as it makes for a hilarious snort worthy read of self indulgence and madness! xx

  9. Aja says:

    I’ve never called Victoria Beckham a pig or a pigface. Now I have called her “vulgar”. That I’ll own up to. I wish people would leave Daphne Guiness alone. I know I sound like Chris Crocker but I just have a soft spot for her. So sue me.

  10. Aja says:

    By the way, SW nice photo composition. I like the black and the white next to each other.

  11. Alicia says:

    You know…Victoria is giving me Christina Ricci in Penelope vibes. I’ve never noticed that before.

  12. Dru says:

    Aja- I’ll own up to lambasting Posh back in her ‘chief WAG’ days too, which were not THAT long ago. She’s got the image of a self-made businesswoman now, but between the end of her Spice Girls days and her turning designer, she was seen as someone who was basically just David Beckham’s wife.

    As for Daphne, I’d have believed it if the article cited her calling anyone ‘vulgar’, but ‘ugly cow/pig’ sounds like a very uncharacteristic turn of phrase for her. I get the impression that her insults, if she did deliver them, would be a bit more old-fashioned than that.

  13. Aja says:

    Dru, I completely agree with you. I remember a photo of her at one of her husband’s soccer games wearing a pink Roland Mouret dress with a matching pink Birkin. It was way too much for a friggin’ football game. But she’s grown on me and her ability to deliver a cohesive fashion collection proves she’s more than a pouty face.

  14. Jay says:

    Posh Spice. I was there in the theater when they made that awful movie. Nostalgia is keeping me from hating her because deep down, I always imagine the girl she was before she became a Beckham or orange robot.

  15. Marky says:

    Thank you! Just when I was sinking into Japan-disaster-induced despair, you made me laugh.

    Back to the despair…

  16. Dru says:

    ^ the pink dress and bag were positively tasteful compared to her more WAGtastic stuff c. 2000-2007, not to mention the endless hair extensions and fake tits. (and I will admit, part of the reason she bugged me so much is because I didn’t care to be following her along with the football news, esp. around World Cup time)

    But I like her for having a sense of humour and taking the designing gig seriously.

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    EJ – Ides of March: of course you love me, as I love you.

    Aja – I’ll see you in court.

    David – As your Queen would say, One gives several flying pigs indeed, now fix me a drink!

  18. Andra says:

    Pure 100% delightful Sister Wolf!
    Love ya.

  19. TheShoeGirl says:

    I think we often say things without realizing it. I’ve said stupid shit on camera and then later, seeing the playback, SWORE there was some magic editing elves up to no good.

  20. I’m unsure Daphne is coherent enough to know what and what does not come out of her mouth at any given moment…

    That song “mo money mo problems” come to mind with women like her. I’m not a huge Beckham fan either but it is know that she works her butt off – financially backed or not.

  21. Kellie says:

    The UK calls VB “pig nosed Posh” all the time.

    And as for Mz Daphne, how totally inappropriate is it to make ANY reference to killing yourself after Isabella Blow-your alleged best friend-did just that!!

  22. mimi says:

    ive adored posh since i was 9 years old (15 years now). she might be just another essex girl and a WAG, but i like her all the same.

    i dont know who daphne guinness is, so i dont have much to weigh in on the whole debate.

  23. Erika says:

    2 overpriviliged ano chicks. Funny that they look alike. Does the Guiness lady make clothes? Who doesn’t then , right ? But yeah, no backing…must have earned that Guiness money herself through some hard work. I care not for either but boy I do love the insults…
    My computer died, the planetary energy is weird…( i am a flaky astrology follower try this link )
    You provide the best distraction…
    Also is it just me or does fashion have women in general, I have become pretty disillusioned with the whole thing. I need a break from it.

  24. Hammie says:

    I’ve stopped using that phrase too. I’ve replaced it with “I’m Homicidal” which makes me sound more powerful too. And if I’m pushed too far; no one can say they weren’t warned. xx

  25. joelean says:

    i think she actually said “pregnant pig”.

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