Tom Ford’s Baby


Finally, we can expect the ‘It’ baby to arrive in 2008, courtesy of Tom Ford, onetime ‘It’ designer turned fragrance monger, who divulged his plans to Fantastic Man magazine.

Tom’s partner Richard Buckley doesn’t want a kid, but too bad for him, Tom says. “It’s going to give his life new meaning,” Tom states ominously. Furthermore, the baby will be Tom’s biological child.

Elsewhere in the interview, Tom notes: “I don’t find a guy’s cock or a  woman’s vagina  offensive.” That’s a relief!

Ironically enough, I find that statement offensive. I’m not sure why. Is it because he assigned a gender to the cock and vagina, to  clarify that he doesn’t like a woman’s cock or a man’s vagina? Or is it because he pairs a clinical word with a slang word?

In any case, Tom’s cock and someone’s vagina will undoubtedly play their respective roles in producing the ‘It’ baby, whose name will take its place with Suri, Zahara, Apple and the rest of them. If Shiloh is the Birkin bag of babies, what will Tom’s offspring be? Maybe this Mulberry  Bayswater.


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