True Blood and Mrs. Palin

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After initially dismissing the HBO vampire series “True Blood” as cartoonish, I am now completely hooked. The most recent episode was truly disgusting, wasn’t it?! Watching Tara and Eggs eat the you-know-what (not a spoiler!!) I was close to gagging.

What a great show! All the hunky gayness and intensity of Six Feet Under without the painful insights and lingering grief.

One of the scariest aspects of True Blood is its portrait of crazy, fear-mongering Christians. The characters are over the top, yes, but no more so than the lunatics we are seeing on the news every day, warning about Obama’s “Death Panels” and killing innocent children and grandmas.

Mrs. Palin has been one of the most vocal of the right wing fear-mongers, once again exploiting that poor little Trig instead of getting him the services he needs. Her ceaseless squawking about Death Panels and euthanasia has prompted reporters to look into her own policies on health-care as Governor of Alaska. Sure enough, Mrs. Palin was in favor of providing ‘end-of-life’ counseling, the very same measure she now finds so deplorable.

Sarah, you ignorant slut, when will you learn to keep your mouth shut and stop makin’ things up?!   The video below reminds us how art imitates life in the case of True Blood’s fanatical Fellowship of the Sun.   It also reminds us to fear ignorance more than hunky vampires.

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19 Responses to True Blood and Mrs. Palin

  1. arline says:

    I can’t believe I watched that, it was more disturbing than the True Blood episode that you mentioned. I had to turn my head away on sunday, gagging for sure.

    I don’t have a TV, so I can’t get hooked on the show, but while the accents are horrible, the extreme fear and intolerance seems, like you mentioned, in sync with the fear filled energy that is happening in real life.

    Palin makes me shiver!

  2. honeypants says:

    I love True Blood so much it hurts! That Eric, wheew! And I TOTALLY want Lafayette to be my BFF! Yes, the scene you mentioned was horrifying and I had to look away both times I watched that episode. I had to watch it again, ‘cos it was pretty Eric heavy. I like Godric too, and I absolutely detest Bill’s maker. UGH! As for the Newlins and the Fellowship of the Sun, you’re so right with the Palin & Co. comparison! Sadly I know, and am related to people like that. I can’t believe people continue to like and approve of her after the stunt she just pulled.

    My friend Phil wrote me this ominous email last night about how he has this very bad feeling that the neocon wackos out there are going to uprise and do something really, really terrible and violent — something that will take the Republican Party a long time to recover from. And that’s right on par with the Rev. Newlin’s plot to provoke a war with the vamps! And then all that stuff about Alaska being the refuge? You’d think Charlaine Harris/Alan Ball used that as inspiration for the books/show!

  3. honeypants says:

    Oh, and I wanted to post this, but forgot: — it’s a Bill Moyers interview with a former head honcho of CIGNA, talking about the behind the scenes evils of the insurance industry.

  4. TobiLynne says:

    That scene had my jaw on the floor!! Honeypants took all the words right out of my mouth, and I don’t have anything at all to add. Eric … mmmmm!

    I’ve been following the news closely, and I am absolutely TERRIFIED by the ignorance boiling over in this country. The hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and this seeming “right to privilege” moves me closer each day to being completely unable to relate at all to my fellow mankind. The fortunate thing about religious fanatics is the only thing they seem to hate worse than us non-religious fanatics is the religious fanatics of OTHER religions. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll busy themselves with taking each other out before they get around to us.

  5. OMGGMAB says:

    Can I just say that I am beginning to think that Americans are the stupidest people on the planet? Death panels? WTF? It is a ludicrous idea and certainly in line with Hitler sympathizers, not logical thinking educated Americans.

    A thinly veiled attempt to portray our President as some sort of monster. And don’t think for one minute that I don’t know it is because of his skin color. Apparently most Americans have not matured enough to see beyond that either.

    Shut the hell up, Sarah Palin. Take your nazi wacko religious nut jobs, build an ice cave, move in, and become hermits. We do not need you here.

  6. Jill says:

    Love True Blood…a ridiculous amount! A friend and I text each other thru each episode. I want Lafayette to be my best friend too!

  7. annemarie says:

    thank god we’re talking about Sarah Palin again

  8. Mark says:

    That filthy cunt.

  9. Aja says:

    I just started recently watching True Blood. The Christians are super duper creepy and eerily spot on. Tobi Lynne I think there’s some sort of quote along the lines of “Kill them all, let God sort out the mess”, that has some relevance to your comment.

  10. Seriously the woman can’t even speak properly – has she no command of the English Language. Is she speaking in tongues. I have to say that I cannot comprehend on any level the American right church going/faith/worship – it bears no resemblance to Christianity. It makes the murdering and horrific Spanish Inquisition look like an intellectual picnic.

    Is there no dignity, no comprehension of any of the teachings of the Judeao-Christian basis of Western Culture. Do they know the meaning of culture, can they spell culture?!

    The video was hideous full of materialistic gobbledy gook. I haven’t watch True Blood because I was scared by Buffy – I know truly rubbish but nothing could scare me as much as that hideous Alaska vid as they made it for real.

  11. WCGB says:

    You can’t spell Palin without pain. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  12. The Rude Dog says:

    Sarah won the end of life fight hands down. What other citizen can move the Democratic controlled Senate with just two FaceBook comments?

    The Senate dropped the provision and it caused a ripple effect for the bill’s support.

    Pretty good for a woman everyone claims is so ignorant.

    I’ll leave you folks alone now, I only ended up here because saw the Shepard Fairey is a Fucking Punk post. I agreed with that one, but the hate for Palin is letting her get the better of all you.

    No End of Life provision
    No public option.
    Two FaceBook comments.

  13. HelOnWheels says:

    “The Senate dropped the provision and it caused a ripple effect for the bill’s support.
    Pretty good for a woman everyone claims is so ignorant.”

    You’ve giving that filthy cunt credit for the disgusting Republican ass-kissing and cowering being done by the Obama administration and the Democrats? HA!!! You’re as ignorant as she is!

    FYI – There have always been “Death Panels”. Innocent people are constantly being killed and will continue to be killed. It’s called “Coverage Denied”.

  14. alittlelux says:

    i LOVE true blood… goderic and eric NEED to make out.

  15. Dane says:

    Oh my god I love me some True Blood, but Maryann is starting to annoy me and I always feel like the episodes are way too short!

    Eric is on tall drink of swedish water.

    And Palin.. no comment.

    I love this blog, man.

  16. Yvonne Gao says:

    what a bizarre video. Why does the narrator have such a sinister sounding voice. lol.

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