Trump And Kanye: The Perfect Convergence

It is only natural that Trump invites Kanye to Trump Tower instead of holding that scheduled press conference.

Kanye has just been released from a psychiatric ward so he’s the perfect guest for today’s episode of The Trump Show. (And watch the dap, it is truly the money shot.)

They will work their way up to Kim and maybe even Kylie for the youth market, then they can have Young Thug, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, The Bachelor, and the Victoria’s Secret models.

Later in the season, there will be Madonna, to talk about misogyny and ageism. Drake will hang out with Trump and Jred Kushner in a mini Jewish Summit.

This is the show of our dreams, if our dreams are a waking nightmare, and we’ll watch it    whenever we gather our nerve to crawl out of bed.

I’d like to suggest interspersing The Trump Show, season 1, with viewings of Bunuel’s L’Age d’Or. It can serve as a bracing counterpart to the ongoing Idiocracy .

Bunuel’s L’Age d’Or operates on the duality between gold and shit. And throughout the film, everything sacred and pure was eventually equated to what is base and foul.

God, shit, president, moron, news, conspiracies, politicians, celebrities, make everything great again.

I can’t take much more for today so I’m retiring to my bed. Wake me up if Kim makes an appearance or Trump blows Putin or Exxon cancels the series. thanks!

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3 Responses to Trump And Kanye: The Perfect Convergence

  1. Tom says:

    You said it, Sister Wolf. And what’s up with Madonna? I didn’t see her speech. But what’s the problem? She’s only making $50 million a year now instead of 100? If being worth at least $300 mill. and having a triple Brownstone in the heart of Manhattan tricked out with a gym, pool and other stuff is ageism and misogyny, don’t we say “Bring it on?”

  2. Dj says:

    Two nut jobs…inflated egos, inflated money,deflated brains. I loathe them.

  3. Suspended says:

    I think they should get married and become the poster children for diversity.

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