Unrivaled Beauty

Max loved Laetitia Casta and considered her his ideal of female beauty (after Brigitte Bardo.) Seeing these pictures yesterday, I had to agree.

I’m posting these photos for you, Max.   You always had such great taste! You know how much I valued your opinions on music, writing, movies, art, philosophy, people, politics, everything.   Remember when you were a boy and fell in love with Marilyn Monroe? When you explained that it was her vulnerability that attracted you most, I was so proud of you. I still am. You are one of a kind. You are my angel.

I just want to keep sharing things with you! So here’s Laetitia. xoxo

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21 Responses to Unrivaled Beauty

  1. TexasArt says:

    Love the hair!

  2. Mari says:

    Brilliant boy.
    And sharing is a great way to honor the memory of your son.

  3. Jen says:

    When I saw this, my first thought was, ‘Wait. What about Brigitte Bardot!?’ but of course, you had it covered. If anyone knows Max, its you. xo

  4. Ann says:

    Thanks for turning comments on here so I could tell you it’s a beautiful post.

  5. Aja says:

    Bella, bella, bella . . .

  6. carmencatalina says:

    Love the eye makeup – nothing like winged eyeliner and fabulous hair on a great beauty.

  7. ali says:

    she is beautiful.

  8. thrift store lawyer says:

    your post hurts my heart so much. peace to you and max. (and hot babes for max, too).

  9. Eliza says:

    Note to self: attraction to vulnerability in women doesn’t always come from exploitative interest. Cool.

  10. Bourbon Drinker Known as MJ says:

    Marilyn is probably very glad for Max’s company – a smart, sweet artist who sees her soul instead of only her beauty. Read a good book together, kids, and Max – play her some songs.

    Truth and beauty cannot die.

  11. dust says:

    I saw Laetitia smiling from Bulgari add, I winked to her…

  12. Cecilia says:

    What I like about Laetitia is that she´s got real curves, unlike the anorexical standard model. Also, there´s something warm in her smille that makes you think she´s human, not a coke snorting selfish bitch.

    Surely Max had good taste.

  13. Dru says:

    Love and hugs to you, Sister- Max has great taste.

  14. PeaceBwithU says:

    Max is your son and I wouldn’t expect anything less. His beauty shines on. Thanks for sharing. Peace and love flowing to you.

  15. Gorgeous taste and lovely post. Keep sharing xxx

  16. Hammie says:

    I think she is beautiful too. Xx

  17. Tricia says:

    And they did her up all Bardot in this shoot – Max is right, she’s gorgeous.

  18. Srenna says:

    Laetitia is beautiful. As are Brigitte and Marilyn.

  19. Steroids says:

    Glad i recently came across this site, will be sure to book mark it so i can come by often.

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