Why Did I buy This #2

Remember that first Why Did I Buy This? I ended up giving that item away. This time, I’m hoping to keep my purchase, however baffling, and actually wear it.

I never wear frilly things or sheer things, or things with crap all over it, so why did I buy this shirt? It may have been on sale, but that doesn’t explain it. It’s by Rebecca Taylor, and it has a sewn-in silk camisole. When I tried to put it on, I had to keep starting all over again. You have to synchronize the inner and outer shirts as you stick your arms through.   I didn’t study that in college, so how I am supposed to know how to do it?

The stuff on it is like little silk petals and crystal things.

What can I wear with this, and still feel like me?

High-waisted wide-leg jeans? Narrow jeans? Black jeans? The black McQ pencil skirt that I’ll never wear because it’s too uncomfortable? What about footwear?

Help me work with this, you fashion girls!

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17 Responses to Why Did I buy This #2

  1. Skye says:

    It’s pretty, I’ll give it that – but I know it would confound me too. I think it would look great tucked into a high waisted black leather mini or pencil skirt, maybe with some tall boots.

    That’s all I’ve got!

  2. the nag says:

    Didn’t it come with a manual?

  3. Sloth says:

    Skinnies, duh. Ouch! That hurt.

  4. annemarie says:

    yeah, i’d go with the leather pants! something to balance out the fru-fru girliness.
    but you could also decide to camp up the girliness by wearing it with some very short and poofy skirt, but then put combat boots on your feet. that’s probably what i’d wear because i don’t own leather pants (cannot come to terms with a sweaty crotch).

  5. annemarie says:

    a skirt like this one for example:


    cheap as shit too. and don’t forget the combat boots.

  6. Jools says:

    I am known to my daughters as the Anti-Foof. Hence I never wear frilly stuff either. but that Rebecca Taylor stuff (especially the stuff with the crystals) is fairly hypnotizing….

    I say wear it with funky jeans and sandals. Mr Wolf will love it.

  7. honeypants says:

    Wear it with the Gold Leather Wedding Pants and the toughest, baddest-ass shoes/boots you have (whatever the color).

  8. WendyB says:

    Skinny jeans!

  9. PatrickH says:

    I think you’d look really, really fine wearing that. I know, you knew I’d say that, but still. My only concern is that your flawless porcelain skin might make the colour of the top look, oh, almost dirtyish in comparison. What about changing out the silk camisole, de-sew it I mean, and put in something else to intervene between the frilly stuff and your slender, delicate arms of carrera marble whiteness…

    Please don’t banish me! I’m actually serious. Why not?

  10. hammie says:

    Leather pants and studded bondage bracelet.

  11. David Duff says:

    God, it’s tough being a woman!

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    Hahaha, it is, David, Tammy Wynette was right on the money.

    SusieB, annemarie, Honeypants, Hammie, I’m beginning to see that leather pants must be the answer. Is it because only leather can vindicate the girliness of the shirt? My leather pants are ‘bootleg’, ugh. Do I have to get them tailored?

    Patrick, keep it coming!

    WendyB, Jools, Sloth, I need specifics!

  13. enc says:

    Wear it with pajamas.

    Better yet, wear it AS pajamas, while you eat muffins.

    Seriously. I like the narrow black jeans idea, with black/silver/white heels.

  14. it’s very pretty. maybe you just need to badarse it up as suggested above.
    why don’t you do a dyi and sew the pants into slim leg or straight leg?

  15. Sister Wolf says:

    Miss Wombat, If only. I am not good at sewing. I have actually sewn the thing I was hemming to the thing I was wearing at the time. Very sad.

  16. Nicole says:

    I vote for jeans too but I’m leaning toward wide leg with some wedges.

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