Yes, It’s Time for The Lesbian Stick!

Let us all follow the Christmas tradition* of reading  The Story of the Lesbian Stick.


* Heartfelt atheist blessings to all you people who come here and especially you special ones who have given me so much. xo

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14 Responses to Yes, It’s Time for The Lesbian Stick!

  1. Dave C says:

    Love this story, love your blog. Yuletide blessings to you and yours, dear Sister Wolf. x

  2. Andra says:

    Oh, this is my favourite Sister Wolf story.
    You must have been reading my mind, again.
    Many, many thanks and Happy Whatnot to you and the rest of your world.
    Much love……..

  3. JK says:


    Merry Christmas to y’all and all the lesbians who might be missing their sticks this fine sunny day. (Yes. it’s bright sunny skies and 58° in Arkansas – hope California’s winds’re kind to you my [other] one and only True Love.

    Remind me sometime about Lesbian De/Construction teams. I used to be an electrician you might recall Sis. I’ll turn the tale into whatever holiday is the most proximate – then you and I will privately (but discreetly – Mr. Wolf – given my hobblyful state) anyway we’ll properly celebrate with a glass or two of virtual wine. Cyberspace is Grand!

  4. Queen Marie says:

    Merry Christmas Darling Sister.
    Blessed be you, yours and the Lesbian Stick.


  5. Andra says:

    Love Charlie’s Prince Valiant haircut.

  6. Cricket9 says:

    Thank you – it’s a wonderful Christmas (or, in Andra’s words – Whatnot, which works for me just fine) tradition. Wouldn’t want to miss it! My best Whatnot wishes, and a very warm hug from cold Ottawa (-8C and snow).

  7. Juri says:

    My best Christmas wishes from “dull dingy Paris.” As every year, the plan has been to ignore all things Christmas and, apart from an accidental visit to a Christmas Market and reading your Christmas story, it has succeeded!

  8. Ann says:

    You know this is my favorite. It is the best story in all the land. Never gets old and never fails to make me laugh aloud. I love you, Sister Wolf!

  9. Suspended says:

    Love this story!

  10. Stella Mayfair says:

    may the new year bring all kinds of wonderful things for you.
    xo n.

  11. WendyB says:

    Best story ever.

  12. Jaimi says:

    Cheers to this and a new year. Best, Jaimi

  13. Emily says:

    I read this story every year. It’s one of my favourite traditions! X

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