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The Girls Next Door

Tonight, my older son came over for dinner and before he left, he decided to check out a reality show called “The Girls Next Door.” I warned him that I saw it once, and it was really depressing. He insisted … Continue reading

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I can’t remember how I first discovered Cashmere Shampoo, a product made by a company called The Laundress. I’ve gone through several bottles of it, though, because I love my cashmere sweaters and want them to last forever. People who … Continue reading

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Read Carefully

This morning, a tiny news item in the Los Angeles Times caught my eye. “Congo hippies may face extinction,â€? I read to myself, thinking “wow, they still have hippies in the Congo?” But then I realized I had misread the … Continue reading

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Death and Lipstick, Part I

My obsessions tend to wax and wane, but for the last few years, two have remained constant: lipstick and death. First, I would like to dwell on lipstick. I only buy red lipstick, but the Red Era didn’t start until … Continue reading

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Unbridled Fatness

Today, I had a cup of coffee in a mall, at a Starbucks just opposite a Red Robin Gourmet Burger restaurant. I have actually dined at that restaurant, after shopping myself into a near coma at Nordstrom. The thing I … Continue reading

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Madonna, Bete Noir

   Sometimes I think that Madonna was put here on earth to torment me personally. Just when I feel I couldn’t hate her more, she pulls me back in… Now, she has adopted a one year old boy from Malawi … Continue reading

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Shanice vs Caitlin

Call me racist, but I love Black names. In my own defense, I love yuppie names too, like Hunter and Madison. But Black names give me a particular thrill, like the time I heard a mother in Ross for Less … Continue reading

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I Hate Ellen Barkin

I never liked Ellen Barkin, and now I hate her. During her five year marriage to Ron Perelman, a loathsome arrogant billionaire, Ellen Barkin managed to acquire $20 million worth of jewelry. It will be auctioned off at Christies today, … Continue reading

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The Chicken Car

Whenever I pass this Chicken Car, it never fails to brighten my day. It’s usually parked on 11th Street in Santa Monica, and I don’t know who  owns it now, but it is one enviable Chicken Car, isn’t it?

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