44 Inch Chest

Last night I stayed up late watching 44 Inch Chest, a movie that was not appreciated by film critics. As a huge fan of Sexy Beast, I figured it must have something going for it.

If you like British gangster movies, 44 Inch Chest will not disappoint. A bunch of thugs screaming “CUNT!” at each other is my idea of heaven. Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson and Ian McShane are fabulous, all obviously relishing the chance to use Cockney accents and slang while inhabiting their violent, sociopathic characters.

Several critics note the undertones of Mamet, Pinter and Tarantino but they forgot to mention Derek & Clive. I fucking loved this movie, you fucking fucking cunts! A movie about revenge and the difficulties of being a man, it is a must for anyone who loves this genre.

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12 Responses to 44 Inch Chest

  1. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet but it sounds perfect!

  2. Pudfish says:

    It sounds as if the actors had a marvellous time, i would rather watch this than “Ladies in Lavender” any day

  3. vint junky says:

    I’d watch this film just for ray winstone, no-one can say ‘you cahnt’ like him1

  4. Bevitron says:

    I’ll see this on your recommendation, SW, you cunt. I’ve been a huge John Hurt fan since forever and love to see him chewing scenery & I LOVE to see actors play maniacs.

  5. Nikki says:

    Oh, how did I miss this one! Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson and Ian McShane… you just listed ALL my favorite actors… Okay, my real favorite actors are pretty boys Johnny Depp, Al Pacino from Serpico era & Mickey Rourke in his early 30’s… who cares which movie… I watch them on mute just to bask in their beauty.

    Netflix queue, pronto. Cheers for the head’s up!

  6. Iron Chic says:

    Wait! Al Swearengen is in this?! Sold.

  7. patni says:

    Men calling each other cunt makes me homesick. It is about the only thing i miss from Dublin.

  8. denise says:

    If you like Ray Winstone, try and find a little known movie “War Zone”. This is devastating film making. The subject difficult, Winstone superb. From memory, this may even have been his first directorial debut. Watch it.

  9. Emily says:

    Winstone is a superb actor – I loved Sexy Beast, the opening shot was fabulous.

  10. ME says:

    I thought I was one of the few who saw it. Don’t the brits just love that word?

  11. Kenita says:

    You put me on to Derek and Clive big time! I even had my mother rolling all over my bed BEGGING me to replay the puppet scene from the beginning. Those two men were amazing.

    Did you see the Derek and Clive live radio show where Derek hinted at getting fucked in the ass? A bunch of EPICNESS.

  12. legsy62 says:

    fucking luvdit although I love anything with ray winstone in it he reminds me of my dad

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