Shoes and Socks

Are we all down with socks and heels?

I have always loved this look, even though I can remember my BFF forbidding it, years ago. I’ll have to ask Imelda Matt if he has relented on socks with open-toes.

Love it or Hate it?

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40 Responses to Shoes and Socks

  1. I always wear socks even with open toes except when I’m wearing thick opaque tights – it is often chilly in the UK even in the summer and sock wearing doesn’t reveal the fact you’ve not bothered to paint your toes!

  2. Sofia says:

    I wear socks because otherwise I get sweaty, blister covered feet. I hate that, so I love socks.

  3. Love it but not brave enough yet to attempt myself. Worried I’ll look about 13 years old. And my socks always go ratty and discoloured and get holes in them, no-one needs to see that.

  4. the spectator says:

    Not likey

  5. Ann says:

    Love it on everyone but myself.

  6. the real andrea says:

    Love this quirky and “ironic” look. Wore it the other day with grey wooly tights. (It’s still cold in NY). I have a feeling that it wasn’t ironic on me, but “old lady”. My grey roots were showing. But as an “old lady” I don’t care anymore!

  7. Cricket9 says:

    You better have a mile-long legs for this.

  8. Nadia says:

    I’ve never worn heels with socks before, but I do like it, only because I like ankle boots and heels by themselves make me look too feminine. I don’t know what my problem is with looking too feminine!

  9. I used to wear this combination all the time (now don’t want to stretch my good shoes with socks). But I’m there in spirit!

  10. Love it, but only on stick-thin legs.

  11. Love it! My human L gets super cold so I always add socks to her outfits and even over tights if it’s super cold! Warm and fashionable!

  12. Witch Moma says:

    Have seen this come & go 3x in my fashion life. Love it on these gals, won’t be doing it myself. Takes me back to having to wear anklets cuz my Mom wouldn’t let me wear cinnamon colored nylons – nightmares of puberty. Even for business I go bare-legged.

  13. Sonja says:

    Love it! Gonna give it a try!

  14. Mary says:

    I like the way it looks but I just can’t!

  15. Liz!! says:

    I am so down with it. In fact, I wear them now, and some of my friends beg me to take the socks off! (Then again, I was a Catholic schoolgirl and I wore anklets and knee highs with Doc Martens for years. It’s in my blood.)

    However, I’m in my mid 20s and I’m terrified that I won’t be able to pull this off past my 40s. I guess I’ll be wearing colorful tights then! I have great legs but I don’t want to ‘show them off’ all the time.

  16. Sheri says:

    I love the look with the right legs — I’m too short, if I wear that combo people point and laugh and call me “Stumpy.”

  17. HelOnWheels says:

    Like it. Will never do it because I’m short and have short legs that don’t need to look any shorter.

  18. Unless it’s cultural, then no ma’am!

  19. annemarie says:

    I love it. However, you need the right kind of socks for this– they have to be thin, yet have some slouch to them, and not be too tight in the band. It’s surprisingly hard to find a sock with all that going on.

  20. erika says:

    too trendy, i hate it. I will wear them however with high heel ankle boots ( won’t say fucking booties ) and short pants

  21. Iron Chic says:

    I used to be known for this look. I APPROVE! It is a good way to avoid blisters which I can’t stand.

  22. Alicia says:

    Yeah…no. Not with open-toed shoes.

  23. Bevitron says:

    I shock myself by really, really liking that look! I agree, you’d need racehorse legs to wear it and not look overly ridiculous, but you know what, the more olde (as opposed to “more old” or “older”) I get, the more the idea of pulling off a look just means not being self-conscious about it. A (gay) male friend said if you flash around in a look like that like you were born in it and it’s no big deal, it works. I wonder if that’s true… I have doubts.

  24. dust says:

    It looks good when it’s cold, in warm weather it feels ….. like wearing socks in warm weather, specially when worn with sandals.
    Touristy, geriatric or school-girl?
    School-girls are on vacation anyway…..
    Geriatric, hygienic look is good when paired with ankle boots and is known for its anti-blister benefits.
    Tourist look sums it the best. Suitable for all age groups, genders and benders! Personal favorite.

  25. sketch42 says:

    I like it on others but not on myself.

    Hate everyone today, just saying.

  26. Audi says:

    Hey, I live in San Francisco — any trend that allows me to wear sandals on more than just the 3 days per year that it actually gets hot is ace in my book. The blister prevention is also a big bonus.

  27. suzbee says:


  28. Aja says:

    I like the way it looks, I guess.

  29. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    My mom used to wear socks with sandals back in the 60s. At the time I was embarrassed, but I miss my mom, and I will wear socks with sandals/shoes in her honor (though I hate the look . . . still). Thanks for posting, it made me remember my mom and her socks.

  30. Nikki says:

    It’s lovely… for 5-yr old girls. Over the knee socks look great with boots/heels on 20-yr old, fit girls for dressed up occasions. I’m afraid the rest of us look like utter goofballs. Okay, one exception are knee highs, flats & a shorter, kilt-ish skirt on women of most ages.

    I’ll grant you, it’s comfy, like the horrid white tube socks with sandals look of the Pacific Northwest (I just gagged a bit)… but one of the things only the rare few can manage to pull off. In any event, socks with open toed shoes if over 5…. no, no, no, my eyes are burning.

  31. looks good on everyone except me.

  32. patni says:

    I love how it looks, is probably better on long legs but i don’t care because of a key reason. IT IS MORE COMFORTABLE. My pumps don’t rub.

  33. TheShoeGirl says:

    I tried it out like a month ago. I’d link my blog but I can’t since I’m still in stupid China.

    I’m no Imelda Matt but TheShoeGirl says yes.

  34. Pudfish says:

    it looks lovely on these girls with their gorgeous long legs

  35. hammie says:

    nope, too cankle-ey challenged. xx

  36. Dru says:

    Despite my total lack of racehorse/giraffe legs, I LOVED this combination for years. I’m a sucker for cute socks/tights, and I will keep loving them in the face of hipster co-option/their ‘trend’ status, so I stand on your side of the fence.

  37. Amy says:

    I love ankle socks, especially thin white turn-cuff socks. I wear them all the time and get tons of compliments. So practical, I never get blisters and I love the comfort. Perfect with sandals, flats, oxfords. I especially love them with Mary Janes, peep-toes. T-straps, Keds.

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