At last we can go hiking with the assurance of a twisted ankle. Thanks Jeff!

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12 Responses to Finally!

  1. skye says:

    There is appparently a problem on Mt Everest, it’s getting cluttered up with the corpses of ill-fated climbers (truly), as well as a whole pile of garbage. I’m guessing if you try climbing Everest in these then you can contribute to both problems in one fell swoop.


  2. sheri says:

    Methinks this is a good example of where form does not meet function.

  3. hammiesays says:

    I want to see someone wearing them – while climbing up the north face of the shoe

  4. Cricket9 says:

    Not only form does not meet function – form is also fuckingly, offensively ugly. I just wonder why do they have a heel – that’s so yesterday, look at Daphne Guinness shoes!
    I’d like to see Mr. Campbell hiking in these platforms for a couple of hours. It should be mandatory for shoe designers of both genders, but especially men, to wear their own creations before sending them to production.
    I’m really tired of horrible, ugly shoes. When it’s going to end?

  5. Erika says:

    At the trade shows the other day I told Jeffrey Campbells brother what we thought of the hair boots…he knows : )

    They do have these polka dot platforms I need tp get my hands on.

  6. Bonkers, dull and I like what Skye said!

  7. Ann says:

    Ugh, ridiculous and uncalled for.

  8. kate says:

    wow. what a great idea.

  9. lea h says:

    you people know these are not actually meant for hiking, right?

  10. TexasArt says:

    Eeeek! No.Way.

  11. fara says:

    I like them. There, I said it 😐

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