Gratuitous Shoe Post

Hope is a thing with feathers*….and yet this new style by Jeffrey Campbell evokes a different concept. My first thought was of something throwing up on itself.

Adding a dash of perversity, they call this color “purple” when it doesn’t take a drag queen to know it is pink.

$209, but I’m warning you, it runs narrow.


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18 Responses to Gratuitous Shoe Post

  1. andrea says:

    here’s another JC shoe that I think you will appreciate too!

    Who would buy this????

  2. Victoria says:

    gosh, the blue one looks like jellyfish.

  3. Kellie says:

    lol, I just saw these!!!
    I cant imagine any scenario where they would be the perfect shoe to wear.

    At least they are cheap, compared to the other horrible ones we see!!!

  4. Desiree says:

    I am nursing a loved one through morphine withdrawal. This made us both smile for the first time today. Thank you Sister.

  5. sonja says:

    so awful! and the ones that andrea pointed – hideous!! These ones are there as well, I can’t imagine a single women on this planet thinking they are awesome – the description claims that they have reached CRUSH status. (meaning they should be destroyed by crushing?)

  6. Cricket9 says:

    Strictly for women carried around in palanquins, giant plastic eggs, etc. Also, no sweaty feet!

  7. Marky says:


    Limit three pairs per customer!

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    andrea – Yes, I noticed those. They’re like a lump of shit with spikes…and no one could walk in them. They are Jeffrey Campbell personified.

    Desiree – Oh good, the shoes have earned their pitiful existence! xo

    sonja – That “Luxury Jones” thing has got to be a joke. I just can’t accept that a real person would buy them.

  9. patni says:

    These shoes remind of of a night long ago i would rather forget. During this night i ate a dinner of beets, and then drank my weight in whiskey. Unsurprisingly i threw up. Beets and whiskey vomit look a lot like those shoes.

  10. Sandra B says:

    Shit Putters, I just threw up beets the other night too!

  11. Braindance says:

    All of the shoes in this post are repugnant and highly offensive
    I would be hard pressed not to point and laugh if I saw somebody strutting about in any of the above.

    I buy shoes maybe once a year, if that.
    And if I find a pair I like, I buy them again in a different colour. Simples.

  12. irini says:

    Well, have I got something you will enjoy:

    Voila! For the aspiring basketball player dater 🙂

  13. Sandra B says:

    Those. Are. Stilts. And probably go CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP whenever you try to walk anywhere.

  14. patni says:

    sandra, we should buy ourselves a pair to show us the terrible result of whiskey and beets.

  15. candy says:

    ah Patni you are funny! I don’tlike these shoes, I think they talk about a paradise bird in the description, not the same at all!

  16. candy says:

    Irini,my god! those are awful!

  17. Srenna says:

    That shoe looks like it’s sobbing.

  18. kate says:

    “WHHAAH! i’m an ugly shoooe! WAAAAHHH!!!”

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