A Friend For Erin Wasson!

While dutifully checking out the monotonous stream of new arrivals at Revolve, I was drawn to the price of these pants: $429. What the hell? Then I saw the name of the designer, Kimberly Ovitz.

If you live in L.A., you know that Mike Ovitz is a legendary Hollywood Bigshot who blamed his ultimate downfall on Hollywood’s “gay mafia.” He was a notorious bully and tyrant when he ran CAA.

Now, his daughter Kimberly has produced a “lifestyle collection for women…”   “which embodies Ovitz’s personal style, and reflections of the minimalist art and design she was exposed to while growing up in Los Angeles. The concept of her first collection is “Ladies at the country house having a punk party and raiding the stable”.

Good for you, Kimberly. I’m sure you worked very hard to launch your new line of minimalist clothing, and I know that your trip to France after dropping out of Parsons to “apprentice” at Chanel had nothing whatsoever to do with your dad.

Please enjoy Kimberly’s biography here at her company website. It is a treasure trove of poor syntax and misspelling.

Somehow I see a meeting of the minds, so to speak, between Kimberly Ovitz and Erin “Homeless” Wasson. I like to imagine them snorting a few lines and then talking about how sick the new Balenciaga boots are.

If they haven’t met, I want to hook them up! I am an inveterate matchmaker, ask anyone. In fact, when my matches haven’t been disastrous, they have worked out very nicely.

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15 Responses to A Friend For Erin Wasson!

  1. Bex says:

    Yes, I bet they’ll get along famously…if they don’t claw each other’s eyes out first.

  2. You’d think she could afford to hire a copywriter, or at the very least a proofreader!

  3. WendyB says:

    I’ve met Mike and now regret not asking him to adopt me. My jewelry could be on Revolve right now!

  4. Ann says:

    “Raiding the stable” makes me very, very uncomfortable. I don’t like the image that phrase conjures up in my mind. What exactly are they doing to those poor horses?

  5. Aja says:

    God I love when you make fun of overly privileged rich kids like me. It’s one of my favourite pastimes.

  6. Daniel says:

    $429 for a pair of Levis superslims?…..My goodness you Americans are delightfully decadent…..

  7. annemarie says:

    Aaaaaaaargh! CUNT CENTRAL!!

    I demand the Real Punks to step forth and piss on this girl and all her lady friends and then spray them with runny poo and then let them on fire.

    “Ladies at the country house having a punk party and raiding the stable”…Christ almighty, where do you even begin??

  8. frances says:

    I’m trying to think of a more boring pair of trousers… I, I don’t quite think I can do it.

  9. SB says:

    “When I see how some of the prices of things…it’s irrational. You shouldn’t be a fashion victim. Fashion is meant to express individuality, not to copy one another.” Carmen Dell’Orefice

  10. HelOnWheels says:

    SW, you must stop this. My “Seething Hatred and Hit List” is getting too long to be manageable. I can only rid the world of so many useless c*nts each year before rousing the suspicions of authorities.

  11. HelOnWheels says:

    BTW, is her “collection” what passes for design these days? Unbelievable. Most of us could put together the same “collection” from the Goodwill and Salvation Army racks and our closets.

  12. and she was interviewed in some fashion mag, can you believe it? it’s tshirts and leggings! even my husband was appalled.

  13. Robin says:

    Wow. Her biography on her sight is wow.

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