A Hot Girl and Some Awful Pants


When I go to Nordstrom, it’s always an adventure. The charging and taking back alone is more gratifying that I can tell you. This time, I was dazzled by a Nordstrom employee with a fantastic hairstyle. Her name is Faith and she is a design school graduate. I love her hair and she turned out to be a really great girl.

Faith has just started a blog, so we talked about blogging. She told me that she likes Sea of Shoes and that furthermore, Sea of Shoes and Mom of Shoes had come into the store recently. I shrieked and jumped up and down like an excited 5 year old, alerting Faith that she was dealing with a psychopath. She divulged that Sea was kind of shy, and was wearing Margiela.

Is it a Small World After All, or are we all connected by shoes?

Since it was the day after my birthday and I was still feeling entitled, I bought a pair of “cropped jeans” because they were on sale AND chartreuse. Look:


The tag says “citron” but I’m sticking with chartreuse. If you think they’re unflattering on the model, you should see them on me. Terrible! And yet.

I have a vague irrational idea that these pants could somehow look good. What could I rock with them to be seriously killing it? Besides the fierce heels. How about black boots and black jacket? Or, a red cashmere sweater? Red + chartreuse is one of my favorite combinations! It’s aggressive, it’s jarring, it says “Too bad for you!”

Ideas? Or should I just take them back and look for Faith?

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21 Responses to A Hot Girl and Some Awful Pants

  1. Lottie says:

    no way! janes shy??lol this is probably why she hangs around with her mum all the time :((
    no offence, take the jeans back, unless you look like rumi (why im jealous and say mean things about her) cropped styles never look good on nobody.

    ta for the comment btw x

  2. Danielle says:

    I would go back and look for Faith. She’s a kickass Portlander. ‘Nuff said.

  3. WendyB says:

    “If you think they’re unflattering on the model, you should see them on me. Terrible! And yet.” — this makes me laugh out loud. I don’t believe anything looks terrible on you though!

  4. Style Spy says:

    Fucking -A, you don’t live in Dallas, do you??? Oh, I’m so confused…

    I bought some ill-judged pants last year, too — BRIGHT tomato red skinny cords. They make other people go blind. But I love them.

  5. jools says:

    I like the black boots and black jacket combo. And I do hope they were really cheap.

  6. OMGGMAB says:

    Forget anything else except Faith’s shazam earrings. When you wear those, no one will notice the chartreuse pants.

  7. Mark says:

    The chartreuse pants are great! They’ll look awesome with just a t-shirt.

    Is Faith from Portland? If so, she must know Matt at Nordstrom.

  8. Alicia says:

    RED! My first thought when I saw the pants. Needs a red shirt.


  9. Queen Marie says:

    Come now Sister Wolf! you know better than that. A chartruse find is a joy forever.
    Keep them. But there is nothing stopping you just going back to Nordstroms to catch up with Faith on her latest blogger sightings

  10. HelOnWheels says:

    Keep the pants. If you like them why not? They’ll look great with navy and dark denim and with a fitted turquoise or electric blue blazer/jacket/top.

    Oooh, I need to get my hands on that Pucker Up Piaggi dress by Faith!

  11. Vee says:

    Rock ’em with some sick gladiators, a moto jacket, tons of vintage gold and silver chains, Ray-bans, and the biggest fur you can find!

    I jest, and I nearly barfed writing that sentence. I think the “moto” abbreviation is especially cutesy and detestable.

    Anyway, I actually think that wearing black with bright clothing is a cop out of sorts. Wear them with red, as you mentioned, or even bright blue, or GOLD! Go all out. You definitely have the looks to pull it off.

  12. Sonia Luna says:

    You are entitled to feel entitled for at least a week after your birthday!
    I agree with Vee, wear them with tons of colours and heels, you can pull it off!

  13. Bex says:

    No no no on the shaved head…but she’s cute!

  14. I’d like to think we are all connected by shoes.
    I’m all for keeping the chartreuse pants they’ll match the red lipstick perfectly.

  15. skye says:

    Faith has the Alice Delal (sp?) haircut – I’ve been seeing those around on the young people. Not surprised Sea is shy, she doesn’t leave the house without her mom!

    PS. I think you and the chartreuse pants will be very happy together.

  16. Madame Suggia says:

    loving the pants…they say, “please wear me with a pair of f**k-me hardcore strappy shoes, and maybe a vastly oversized cable knit sweater.”
    You’ll kill it stone dead.

  17. Maral says:

    HI SisterWolf,
    “Long time listener…” etc.

    I think you’re great. And these chartreuse (the BEST) pants are also great. And you WOULD kill it. I hope you kept them. I love cropped skinnies, just for the ankles! Makes a really nice line – with huge platforms – if you cover the top with something large (although I’m sure *you* don’t need to.)

    I favor slim vintage duster coats over skinny crops with platforms. I would have bought these in a second.

    You rock.

  18. Susan says:

    Keep the pants.

    You’re going to wear them with your go-to black top and favorite boots/booties.

    Then make it uniquely yours with:

    a furry, fluffy vest,
    a big fat ruby brooch,
    or a chic scarf.

  19. ambika says:

    I adore the pants. I have a bright pair of yellow pants that I wear with navy and gray and other boring neutrals but I’m sure you could rock them with red or purple as well.

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