A New Love

Yesterday, when I wasn’t busy with penises, I found this leather skirt that I can’t afford, but still covet. The pleated ruffles just kill me! What wouldn’t look great with this skirt?

So now I’m aware of Hartmann Nordenholz, who designed these amazing dresses. Do you love him or do you love him?

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12 Responses to A New Love

  1. this is getting ridiculous. look, there’s got to be a saturation point for scandinavian and germanic designers with their cool cool clothes. I can’t stand it anymore! I love the black blazer and the coat and the shirts made of sheer pink squares. i wonder if you get cool via like.. osmosis from the clothes.

  2. susie_bubble says:

    I love Nordenholz….! Soup and Fish is such a useful site….

  3. alias clio says:

    Nothing here for a woman who likes her clothes either sophisticated and ladylike or clean and simple. All hard-edged weirdness instead. I have to go to vintage websites to find things I love…But if you can look good in this kind of thing, more power to you.


  4. enc says:

    I love him.

    I also love that skirt. Can you find a different version of it somewhere–a version that doesn’t deflate your bank account?

  5. Imelda Matt says:

    Love him and I’d love to see you in that skirt!

  6. Sonja says:

    the skirt i can love a little bit, but the clever pink ensemble, if that’s great, then let’s face it, we all hate ourselves.

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Miss Wombat- I can’t stand it either. I do think we get cooler just from being exposed to coof stuff.

    Susie B – I figured you would know this designer, or you wouldn’t be Susie B!

    Alias Clio and Sonja – It is very hard-edged and avant garde, but the drama of the pieces + the presentation = loves-struck

    Enc – Let’s cry together about not being rich

    Imelda Matt -You can see me in it if you close your eyes. See the sky-high heels I’m wearing with it!

  8. alias clio says:

    Perhaps you already know all the great vintage websites, but if you don’t, why not try designerexposure.com? It’s got some wonderful deals on the kinds of clothes you love – a little too avant-garde for my taste, though.

    I have blue eyes and fair hair and pink-and-white colouring – I can’t do the Patti Smith thing without looking silly.

  9. love him, and so true, everything would look good with that skirt!

  10. Mark says:

    It’ll all show up at Maxfield Blue soon enough, I swear.

  11. WendyB says:

    That’s divine!

  12. rollergirl says:

    Um, what is up with the model with the weird back bone-age?!!!

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