Today’s Word is Provoke

I usually hate jewelry with affirmative words on it, like “peace” or “soul” but when I saw this bracelet I stopped in my tracks. Why didn’t I think of this before! My purpose on earth is to provoke. It is probably the one word that most describes my personality.

This bracelet by Aurora Lopez-Mejia is hand-stamped 22k gold, and it looks nice and chunky. I would love to see it on my wrist!   However, I would like my credit card balance to go down, not up.

As you see in the photo of Sister Wolf age sweet sixteen, provoking has always been a priority. At present, I am provoking some misogynist losers on another blog, where some angry man told me to “Go do the dishes!”

Hahaha! What an idiot. Everyone knows that my husband does the dishes, because he’s the one who likes them clean.

In the old days, I provoked some guy on mySpace   into wanting to shoot me. It was much funnier than it sounds, I can assure you.   What is more fun that provoking (besides sex, eating and shopping?)

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15 Responses to Today’s Word is Provoke

  1. susie_bubble says:

    That photo of you is amazing…. you keep on provoking…

  2. hammie says:

    LOve it!
    Buy a chunky i.d. bracelet and get it engraved.
    Mine would say “placate” though.

  3. Juri says:

    I wonder if they make bigger versions of that bracelet. Ankle cuffs or a ball-and-chain model? Either one would make a great piece of wedding jewelry for my current project, but the cuffs might be better as I could have “provoke” on one cuff and “know thy place” on the other.

    I’ve been trying to sell myself into a mail order matrimony to the Philippines for some time now but the market for middle-aged Scandinavian male household slaves with benefits seems a bit low over there. The old school colonial masters are in much greater demand but I’m not so much into that nonsense.

    Eventually, I will be sold, though, and am looking forward to the chance of testing my relatives and the snoppiest of old friends with a copy of the wedding pic.

    Provoke till you die! It’s one of the best ways to stay sane.

  4. enc says:

    That’s a bold bracelet for a bold woman.

    I wish I were still the kind of girl who provokes. I’m too old now, and have lost my steam.

  5. Gloria says:

    provoking is certainly a type of philosophy! or provoking for peace..

  6. K-Line says:

    I seem to remember, first time I read this blog, that some crazy anti-semite was trying to goad you while you were the soul of reasonableness and patience (even as you didn’t take that shit). Not that I don’t believe you are a provoker of the first order, Sister… That fantastic pic of you just proves it!

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Susie B- thank you, and right back at you!

    Hammie- Ha, well, you won’t have to placate forever

    Juri – Hahaha, you are worth a bouquet of filipinos!

    enc -Please, you’re a biker! You have plenty of steam.

    Gloria -good point

    K-line -I’m too senile to recall that, but I like the sound of it!

  8. K-Line says:

    Wow – I really hope I’m not imagining something like that. Really.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Wait…I remember, it was the person who wanted everyone to stop mentioning Hitler or something!

  10. Mark says:

    How about “provoke” written in a nice cursive tattooed across the side of your neck?

  11. Mark says:

    I was thinking it would have been fun to know you when you were sixteen, but when I really thought about it, you would have eaten me for breakfast. You look like a bad-ass beatnik, which I’m sure you were.

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    No, I was just a rebellious little hippie girl! We could’ve gone shopping together at Biba!

  13. Tobi Lynne says:

    You look soooo beautiful in that picture!

  14. Imelda Matt says:

    provoke away my pretty, provoke away!

  15. 16 you has the same expression as current you! so lovely and nonchalant and slightly pissed off.
    And that is SUCH a muse photo. Were you some emaciated pasty boy’s muse?
    That is an interesting bracelet. I bought a wanker neon pink bangle with the word “relax” on it the other day. I have worn it once and as I have a very nervous disposition my bangle made me even more nervous. The bangle has been banished.

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