Seduced by the Devil, and PVC

I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know anything about The Rake’s Progress until I read an article about the fascinating Robert Lepage. I googled around to learn more about the opera, composed by Stravinsky in 1947.

It’s a three act opera featuring several elements that I count among my many obsessions.

A man is tempted by The Devil to leave his country-bred sweetheart to seek fortune in the big city. There, he is seduced into marrying a Bearded Lady and invests all his money in an invention that proves to be a sham. He wins a final bet with the Devil, who then curses him with Insanity. The hero dies in Bedlam.

What more could one ask for in an opera? I need to get Lepage’s production of it, recorded in Brussels.

If you’re interested in mental asylums, I wrote about Cane Hill here. If you’re interested in Bearded Ladies, you can go here.

If you’re not interested in any of that, how about this Pvc Bustle Skirt? It’s only $150 and with the matching top, it looks like something Vivienne Westwood might have designed, doesn’t it?

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11 Responses to Seduced by the Devil, and PVC

  1. susie_bubble says:

    A shorter version of that skirt would do me very nicely…

  2. Imelda Matt says:

    I love her buck teeth…photoshop a beard on her and she meets all four tags for this post.

    I forgot to mention (you may have already answered) in the last post that I’d like to know more about this myspace incident…a lot more!

  3. WendyB says:

    I love bustles and I love shiny. Ooh! Shiny bustle!

  4. i too, know nothing about the rake’s progress but always thought it was a sexy name. I have to find out more about this. I love plays and books and movies with impossibly trippy premises. The shape of the dress – excellent. But the shine on it is a bit too plastic giftwrap ribbon for me (especially the bustle).

  5. enc says:

    I’m interested in ALL of it! I’m going over and read your bit on asylums now. I just finished “The Bell Jar,” and am focused on insanity right now. Not that I’m implying that your writing is insane.

  6. riz says:

    HA – loving the PVC bustle. I wish I knew more about Opera!

  7. Lady K says:

    Sister Wolf, prepare to be mad. Please look at the latest pic of Madonna on it made me feel sick, her sweaty bits in these silky drawers. Yuck. Apologies this does not relate to bearded ladies, mental asylums, opera or skirts.

  8. rollergirl says:

    You’ve won a Premio Award! I’ve tagged you 🙂

  9. I love the “wet look” dress; any new material interests me!!

  10. hammie says:

    Where the bloody hell are ya? I miss my westcoast sis@

  11. Tobi Lynne says:

    Eaten by a rogue wildcat? Shakin’ up with Morrissey? Lost in a bustle skirt? Seriously, don’t make us worry!

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