Again With the Fur Vest


A full year ago, I complained about fur vests.   Somehow, it has reappeared as one of the It items for fall/winter.   I haven’t seen one on a real live person yet, but presumably they are selling well.   I’ve tried one on, but the hippie flashbacks were too upsetting to permit further consideration.

The vest in this photo is by Golden Goose, the brand that brought us faux-vintage cowboy boots for $1,200.   The fur is fox, but I don’t know.   It looks like something I might find dead in my backyard.   So here are my guidelines for choosing a fur vest:

1. It can’t look like something your dog might drag in through the dog-door.
2. It can’t remind you of a Yeti.
3. It can’t look like a caveman costume.
4. It can’t look like fake fur, even if it is fake fur.
5. It can’t incorporate another trend, like studs or fringe.

Feel free to add your own rules.

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16 Responses to Again With the Fur Vest

  1. It can’t work as a pillar piece

  2. Style Spy says:

    What’s killing me (and not in that good way) are the filthy dirty Chuck Taylors worn WITH the fur vest. Heaven forfend you should be too glamorous with your dead possum wrapped around you — bring it down a little with your choice of footwear.

    Also, why is it the only people who wear these are girls so teensy they just look like giant hairy lollipops?

  3. Ann says:

    That outfit is ridiculous. It absolutely does not give me a blowjobâ„¢.

    She looks like she was taking out the trash and found some roadkill curbside. She should have rocked it with some l******s and Rumi shoes!

  4. HelOnWheels says:

    Eeecchhh. They took all return-to-grunge trends and added that awful piece of roadkill on top. There is just no way that’s fox. I’ve seen better pelts on the side of the road during my daily commute. Hideous, the whole thing.

  5. jennine says:

    oh yeah, this styling is all kinds of wrong

  6. meredith says:

    hmmm. well, i like this fur vest thing….the one in the picture is too furry. but i coveted my 77 year old aunts vest right off her back. i told her i thought it was cool…she pulled it off and let me have it.

    1. wear it with a nice wide stretchy belt on the outside of the vest.
    2. wear it with a pencil skirt.
    3. wear it with femine shoes.
    4. yeah, don’t look like a yettie.

  7. Sal says:

    I will admit to being on the hunt for a faux fur vest myself … but it’s got to be both cropped and fitted. This thing is engulfing and atrocious.

  8. skye says:

    The fur vest is a standard item of “yummy mummy” attire here, and thoroughly nauseating. Often white, worn with expensive bootcut jeans with diamantes on the back pocket, accessorised with loads of “contemporary” diamond jewellery and long acrylic nails (and faux boobs too).

    I cannot countenance those vests, although the little dude has one. I’ll post a picture just for you SW.

  9. Sher says:

    So can I rip the arms off my blue fox and be “in style” ? LOL!

  10. Bex says:

    Are scuffed shoes the fucking trend again now? Oh yeah, the “grunge” thing too..stop it! Please!!

  11. sam says:

    she looks like the missing link

  12. OneOfThePlebs says:

    I hate fur at the best of times and I hate it more even now. Golden Goose aint nuthin more than an overstuffed turkey – corn fed crap for those without a brain and a heavy wallet.

  13. skye says:

    PS (or should that be “um”?). little dude and furry vest (and my golden rule for furry vest wearing) can now be found on my bloggo.

  14. Andra says:

    Did Sarah Palin shoot it?

  15. She’s nailed the “enthalled with my feet” gaze and is so close to putting her hand on her face.
    And it can’t look like something your cousins would toss in the back of their pickup. Or throw on a fire during a squirrel roast.

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