All New Conspiracy Theory

Does anyone else think that the Times Square Bomb story is just a fabricated diversion to change the subject from the BP oil spill???

This oil disaster may be worse than the Exxon Valdez and yet suddenly, at least here in the US, all the TV news staions are focused solely on the bomb plot, in which NOTHING HAPPENED.

The timing of the bomb story is just too convenient. (And yes, I also have doubts about the moon landing and September 11.)


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48 Responses to All New Conspiracy Theory

  1. jimmyP says:

    I’d like to know where this Faisal Scheherazade bloke was when the oilrig went up.

  2. It DOES seem odd that an industry that is supposedly all about getting what’s happening out into the world would focus on something that ALMOST happened rather than something that DID.

    Maybe retrospective fear sells better than environmental worries? Ugh.

  3. backspace says:

    whoa i was actually thinking the same!! OMG, god bless the wildlife in Gulf of Mexico

  4. David Duff says:

    For goodness sake, ‘Sis’, get a grip! You’ve been watching too many conspiracy movies. You’ll be telling us all next that Princess ‘Di’ was murdered!

  5. Here’s another one for you: Consider the massive Toyota recalls in the face of the American auto industry rehab.

  6. dust says:

    Sister, all your suspicions are probably true, if small chickens like Bollocks and DeMoores are successfully living PR prescribed lives, what is the magnitude of governmental plots?
    Insanely twisted truth sounds more convincing due to shock value. Luckily, there is no perfect crime.

  7. the real andrea says:

    The only reason that the bomb thing was on the news all day yesterday was that they nabbed the guy in a story that seemed straight out of the movies. Just as the plane was on the runway? Unbelievable! Here in NY the bomb thing and the oil thing are being given equal weight on the news. And when I am home, I have the news on almost 24/7. I have seen so much on the oil thing that I was thinking about going down there to help rescue animals that got covered in that shit. And what about the floods in Nashville? Planes are sitting under water at the airport! Is that being used also to deflect attention from the oil spill too?

  8. AmandaMichele says:

    I am in Florida and down here they have not stopped showing the images of the Gulf. It is front page news every day in the paper, and local news every night that the oil is in the Gulf Stream and will be in the Keys and then up the east coast in a matter of days.

  9. Juri says:

    Is there a way we can link this oil spill to Saddam, or should we just blam it on Mexican immigrants?

  10. Mmm now there’s an idea. Perhaps someone could plant one outside Tory HQ so we don’t end up with David Cameron for prime minister….

  11. I’m with That’s Not My Age!

  12. TheShoeGirl says:

    Wow… good fucking point.

  13. betina says:

    I don’t know in the US, but here in south america the oil spill is in the news all the time, but i agree with you, when i saw the suposed bomb news i thought it was a scam…

    and i actually know 2 books written by an argentine journalist that show why the september 11 was bush’s idea and that the united states do this kind of thing for years to justify political moves, conspiracys aside i can give you the books names if you’d like… altough i don’t know if they were published in the US (also convenient hehehe)

  14. tobilynne says:

    YES! Yes, yes, yes! I thought the same thing IMMEDIATELY when I saw the bomb threat stuff.

  15. Aja says:

    Yeah, I’m with you on this one. Though I’m definitely a conspiracy theorist of sorts. Question everything.

  16. boat house says:

    Are you all Insane ?!?!?!?

    Especially you Sister. Some home-grown terrorist parks a car bomb at Time Squre and the attack is only overted when a memeber of the public suspects something and reports it. And you all say Bomb-Schmomb, no biggy, now what about that oil spill? I can’t believe you people !!!! Of course it is newsworthy, you tree-hugging, mineral-water swilling, kum-bi-yar singing LEFTIES !!

    By the way, oil floats, it washes up on the beach and then you rake it up. So what ? And don’t even think about complaining, unless of course you don’t intend getting in a car or on a plane in the next twelve months.

  17. HelOnWheels says:

    Dear Out-house…erhm…BOAT, Boat House,

    If you’re going to attempt to have a discussion with us I suggest:
    a) Having a sense of humor (I’m sad because yours seems to have had an untimely death; let us pray for it).
    2) Not calling us names; that’s usually how intelligent people converse.
    C) Having even a smidge of understanding of the subject being discussed — for example, the MASSIVE environmental disaster that the BP oil deluge (no, it is NOT a “spill”) REALLY is.
    iii) Doing as you’re preaching: YOU shouldn’t even think about saying ANYTHING unless, for the rest of your life, you’re not going to eat any fish/seafood, swim in an ocean, or make a living in a field does not spew any kind of toxins into the environment.

  18. HelOnWheels says:

    PS – 5) Get your stereotypes straight: Lefties don’t swill mineral water anymore. There’s too much of a carbon footprint left by bottled water, you ignoramus!!

  19. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    Yes, it’s a conspiracy. I think it’s number 1893527BP7. Doesn’t everyone know that oil and water don’t mix?

  20. TheShoeGirl says:

    Know what I’m pumped about… Your blog is readable in China. (They block mine)

  21. TheShoeGirl says:

    Oh and LOL @ boathouse. Is it a full moon or are shithead anonymous commenters just on a rampage today?

  22. patni says:

    it’s Kum ba yah any way right wing palinising whipper snapper .

  23. JK says:


    From your reply to Floating Shit House it would appear our chances for realizing true love have been er, re-ignited. Sister Wolf? Do you still have the papers allowing you to officiate?

    Shit House? It is apparent you work flipping burgers and read comic books. It is also apparent you’ve spent zero time studying what makes a car bomb a car bomb.

    Now, because this is a publicly accessible blogsite (in addition to your penchant for comic books) I won’t go in to technical stuff – nor will I post anything that might have the FBI knocking on my door – but I would simply ask…

    Have you ever given a lucid thought to the likelyhood “a terrorist” is gonna attempt to trigger a car bomb with firecrackers and Toy’s ‘R Us style nursery room clocks?

    Granted, firecrackers might well have ignited the gasoline – given the proper conditions – which were obviously absent. But chew on this a moment, those propane tanks were of the same type for use in backyard BBQ grills. If that type of container was so dangerous, wouldn’t we be reading headlines and watching TV news-stories every weekend when some of the nation’s drunks decided they wouldn’t settle for a microwaved weinie?

    An oil rig on the other hand…

  24. the spectator says:

    Oil spill. Terrorists. How convenient! Takes the government out of the spotlight.

  25. boat house says:

    Hey y’all !! Thanks for ya predictble feedback !

    I didn’t mean to be rude or offend anyone. Sorry. HellOn Wheels, if you didn’t get that I was using humour, then you’re the humourless one!

    Maybe all you fancy coast folk are right and he’d just been to the hardware store to get his gas bottles filled and pick up some fertilizer and just stopped at Time Square for a hotdog and lost all track of time.

    JK, I’m no expert but I think gas bottles and fertilizer is a really good start !

    I’m not anonymous. Am I ?

    Anyway, I gotta get back to the grill. Oops ! Almost burnt the fries.

  26. Anonymous even though I wrote a name says:

    Yes. You are anonymous if you have no link to who you are. “Boathouse” doesn’t mean anything.

  27. David Duff says:

    ‘Boat House’, you’re a breath of fresh, here, in the Land of Fashionistas and Shoe Fetishists. Jolly good show and all that sort of thing, as we (hardly ever) say ‘over here’. But watch out for those fries . . .

  28. JK says:

    Boat House?

    You didn’t offend me, no offense taken. Except for that so obvious “predictable feedback!” part. Another obvious hint you always find what you expect to find – a bunch of nonPalindrones and people parroting the “Drill Baby Drill” mantra. If you’re in the market for some real estate – have I got a deal for you. An island. An island where you can relocate something like your Oxyrush said he’d move all the dope users to, where he also said he’d be moving to – but this real estate doesn’t require you to immigrate.

    Nope, you don’t have to move to Amsterdam and you won’t have to leave the Union for Costa Rica. Not that the Florida Fat Guy does what he says he’ll do – should whatever he proclaims he’ll do when things come to pass. Besides, Oxycontin isn’t available in Costa Rica and he doesn’t speak the language in Amsterdam. But, unlike your shaman I feel compelled to tell the truth, this real estate, while cheaply bought isn’t actually surrounded on all sides by water – but since island it’s called, and it is cheap, we will accept Visa. Beautiful little hamlet called Three-Mile Island. A bargain.

    Alas! Only a single sentence addressed to me – good in a way though, I don’t think I’ll need a dictionary. You note “gas bottles’ and since there were actually three types of gas “bottles” (well actually four but I’m betting you haven’t a clue) so I’ll limit the reply to the obvious.

    First the “trigger mechanism” – firecrackers – short duration burntime, might/might not be of sufficient temperature. I suppose you know what the more common “gas” you mention needs for ignition and for the chain to initiate? Except of course that didn’t happen. Obvious idiot assumptions.

    Since you mention having to “get back to the grill” (now I’m guessing here) you’re aware those types of tanks are constructed with numerous safety features – specifically three. But there are two additional in the case of an impact occurrence. Designed to prevent idiot actions and assumptions. Except of course, none of those events happened either.

    Let us proceed to the fertilizer shall we? Back in April we “celebrated” the anniverary of a successful right-wing extremist individual’s effort, and don’t bother – I’m from a region which is decidely “rightest-leaning” albeit the majority of citizens are of sufficient intelligence to realize that at maximum, no single President is capable of tearing down 200+ years of constructing a Nation in eight years. However, I do recognize there are those who’d prefer the Constitutionally guided process (when it doesn’t suit them) would prefer not to wait for the ballot.

    Excuse me, sidetracked. Anyway, that fertilizer. Idiot assumptions quite often lead to erroneous judgements as to the chemical composition and further assume that all fertilizer is the same. Such is not the case – one of the reasons meth producers have switched production methods. Ie: “Shake and Bake.” Plus, much like the ingredients for producing meth, fertilizer sales of specific compounds are routinely noted and traced. There’s something else, but those methods are not to be posted publicly.

    Boat House? Do you know how to click a link? You might need a dictionary but I think you might get the gist. What you should understand is that while people often disagree about stuff, no one wants to change our way of life. And certainly, no one wants to tell you a potatos cooked on a grill are not “fries.”

  29. boat house says:

    JK and Li’l lux, thanks for the links. V interesting !

  30. H. says:

    Boathouse, I don’t think any of their responses were predictable at all. They were well thought out and carefully worded. Here’s a predictable response:

    Fuck off. (David Duff, you can too).

    Ask anyone who works in the news and they will tell you, sometimes it’s a bit staged and unethical. It’s all shits and giggles, isn’t it? Because people like you, will believe anything that is fed to you. Don’t you think it’s strange our nation is so dependent on oil and can’t find a sustainable green resource and make it mandatory that people USE it? I don’t.

  31. David Duff says:

    ‘H’ writes “Fuck off. (David Duff, you can too).”

    Thank goodness you added that rider otherwise I might have taken your ‘fuck off’ as discriminatory and designed to denigrate and marginalise certain sections of the population, or, me, as I like to think of it, by excluding me. When I receive a ‘fuck off’ I do like it to be an equal opportunities ‘fuck off’.

    PS: What’s “a sustainable green resource”? All-year Brussel sprouts, perhaps? If so, I do hope they don’t make it mandatory, the methane gases I would emit might prove fatal, to say nothing of the effect they would have on global warming.

  32. JK says:


    As far as “Boat House” goes – I’ve had no contact with him/her – however Boat House, perhaps inadvertently, perhaps because of the lack of knowledge and an open enough mind to recognize there is no black or white (only shades of gray) in some matters, media especially – simply doesn’t recognize the rewards of honest debate. I do hope “Boat House” rectifies that situation. I always hope, but I never depend on an outcome.

    However frequently David Duff has heard the words “Fuck off” I must confess, I too have heard (fortunately he’s older than me so I ‘spect I’ve heard it less – plus I’m a hetero male unmarried for 12 years – “somewhat an advantage” in accruing a sum of “Fuck off” – admittdly there are disadvantages, sometimes I long for a good hearty “Fuck off”.

    Be that as it may, I count Mr. Duff as one of my few friends. Because of your retort directed toward my friend H, while he and I disagree on many things, we agree on more. I just wanted to make clear I consider David Duff my friend and while I also know “the passion of the moment” I do in earnest try (sometimes with difficulty) to phrase it less… oh I dunno… I’m from the South and so when I say, “David, you’re full of shit” we get on.

  33. JK says:

    Fuck off David Duff.

  34. David Duff says:

    Thanks, ‘JK’, I know it’s just your way of saying you love me!

  35. dust says:

    The Amsterdam news are not even news in Amsterdam, today we’re hearing only some peasants complaining about last years plain crash. I guess that we’ll hear more about the oil spill this time next year.

  36. I think you’re right.

  37. HelOnWheels says:

    Hello JK, my luv muffin!! I’ve decided our wedding should be in a forest and everybody should be naked. Okay??

  38. Cricket9 says:

    Boat House, did you make sure that people in the affected areas know that “oil floats, it washes up on the beach and then you rake it up. So what ?”
    I think you did not, and that’s why they are freaking out, which is obviously totally unnecessary. They should sit back, relax and make some “fries” on the grill, the dummies. Please tell them ASAP!
    BTW, a nice little love feast with Mr. Duff here!

  39. H. says:

    You know JK, I don’t mind David Duff either sometimes. I think a little opposition is always good for the soul. But sometimes a good “shut the fuck up”, is in order. This is why I don’t go on Palin lovin’ blogs and tell them, they’re all crazy for believing she could lead a country (never mind the fact that the woman can’t think of a single credible news source to reference when asked by a journalist). But really, if I did, they’d probably tell me to STFU too.

  40. JK says:

    Oh my my HelOnWheels, my dreams fulfilled! In a forest? Naked?

    I do hope you’ve not pinned your dreams on a forest in my neck of the Ozarks – at least during chigger, skeeter ‘n tick season – however since this is bliss promised, will the scent of bugspray count against being totally naked? Now if you’ve a forest in mind the denizens of which do not include bothersome insects and poisonous reptiles – I’ll drop my pants and head for the nearest airport.

    Cricket9? Perhaps I was a little overboard and typed more than I should’ve, if I seemed to be totally enthusiastic in describing Duff as my version of how … well I don’t know how to describe it. While I do consider him a friend, he’ll not make onto mine and HelOnWheels’ “Wedding Naked In The Forest Invitations List.” I prefer to keep him at keyboard distance. You however should arrange travel plans.

    H? You did read someways back up in my comments where I typed “nonPalindrones?” Frankly, when I’m in the mood for anything “Sarah” I only fill my plate on this particular blog. Sister Wolf, me, and it would appear now you, have developed a particular sort of affinity for Caribou Barbie that only Sister Wolf can put into words.

    And yes, a heart-felt and boisterous “shut the fuck up” even a “fuck off” is at times, the only thing sufficient to restore the soul.

  41. Siouxsie Law says:

    Interesting, Obama received more money from BP than anyone else. While a number of reasons might explain this, it sure is good stuff for your conspiracy theory.

  42. EmmaPodo says:

    Well I don’t really know about you, but I live in the financial district of manhattan and the bomb threat was pretty real to me, I had the gov’t call my apartment to tell me I should evacuate immidiately! On top of that I had to rush all the way uptown to get my elderly mother and father, so we could hide in a fallout shelter until the threat was over.

    There’s also penty of evidence that the car bomb wasn’t a conspiracy, new York magazine had a huge story on it, if you ask I’d be glad to send you the link.

  43. agreed! nice way of puttin’ it man

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