All New Feature: Shopping For Mom

I just saw this chair at 1stdibs and couldn’t help thinking “Mom of Shoes!”

So from now on, let’s consider ourselves her personal shoppers! If you see something that would fit in with Mom’s fabulous new decor, send it to me at:

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18 Responses to All New Feature: Shopping For Mom

  1. Maja says:

    That chair is terrifying!

  2. Cricket9 says:

    Here is the link to one piece of furniture from Sea’s inspiration – Rick Owens apartment in Paris. I can’t think of more hideous thing – there is more in the same, should I say, “style”? Who’s the demented person making this kind of crap?
    I hope it works when you paste it in your browser, if not, just google “Rick Owens apartment”.

  3. skye says:

    Haha Cricket9 – Satan’s Own Footstool!

  4. damaia says:

    Ooh, does that chair ever scream Tack Texas Trophy Wife ™!

  5. Suspended says:

    Fuck! That chair is disgusting. Is that giraffe print? It has an overall sense of dangerously camp BMX millipede.

    Cricket9: That stool just needs a set of panpipes to complete the look.

  6. Mark says:

    Is this table disgusting enough? It does cost $250,000, which is probably reason enough for that whore to like it.

  7. damaia says:

    I think the table is rather cool, actually. Ludicrously expensive, of course, but cool. I’m thinking more “mid-century modern bordello” for Mom of Shoes.

  8. deja pseu says:

    That chair would give small children nightmares….

  9. This is perfect for their “colonial chic” look.

  10. Angelica says:

    It looks like someone heroically slayed some sort of genetically engineered mutant beast and turned it into this chair.

  11. Mary says:

    I am reminded of something from an Iain M Banks novel.

  12. Desiree says:

    I’m thinking Wilbur Smith myself.

  13. Fi says:

    Wall Mount Horns to match your chairr.

    Mum of Sea (no that looks wrong – Mom) could mount it from her bedroom ceiling and hang her clothes off it as she does not appear to have any room in her new closet.

    And they are from Texas. Keeping it local.

  14. Sil says:

    I don´t want to imagine the dirty things Sea would do with the sides of that chair… it gives the action of sitting on the armrest of a chair a new and painful meaning…

  15. Alicia says:

    I just want to yell out “BABARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!”

    This is a great idea. If I find anything, I’ll surely send it over.

  16. RedHeadFashionista says:

    That chair reminds me of the one Tim Curry (as the Devil) sits on in ‘Legend’.

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