Are They Awesome or Are They Awesome?


Just look at these boots. What the fuck! If I hadn’t bought that enormous handbag…..Oh well. And don’t worry, no one drowned while I was checking out the footwear at net-a porter. Although these boots would be worth drowning several people, at least.

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3 Responses to Are They Awesome or Are They Awesome?

  1. Suebob says:

    I just don’t think they are very practical LOL

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Are you serious?? You could wear them to take out the trash, to your dentist appointment, to your AA meeting, they would work with everything in your wardrobe. Come on, Suebob.

  3. Suebob says:

    You would scream if you saw my “wardrobe” LOL. I actually buy clothing from Land’s End, which the exMrStapler used to call “the clothing company for people who hate clothes.”

    And I can’t wear heels AT ALL. Ever since I screwed up my back, my left ankle is so weak that sometimes it just flops over…and in any case, I refuse to have uncomfortable feet. I just hate pain.

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