Those Krazy Kardashians

kim with giant friend

I don’t think I have it in me to watch Kim Kardashian’s new ‘Reality Series’ tonight, but I looked at a clip and here’s what it’s about. Kim and her Giantess sister argue about a dress. Kim’s boobs are threatening to explode at any moment. She installs a stripper pole in the house as a present for her mom and stepdad. Her stepfather is Bruce Jenner, who used to be on Wheaties boxes back in the day. Now, he’s a botoxed old queen still trying to look like a college kid. One of Kim’s little sister’s (Kylie? Kendall?) does a sexy routine on the pole which is genuinely tragic. Bruce walks in and pretends to be angry.

It’s a show about money, fame, Eurotrash, silicone, and nose jobs. Kim’s mom Kris has hacked off her entire nose, but I guess that’s how you land Bruce Jenner, whose wife once dated Elvis, I think.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that Kim has another Giantess in her life, a ‘model’ named Brittny Gastineau. That’s her in the photo. I’m impressed by her name as well as her frightening height and plastic-to-human ratio.

Let me know if you watch the Kardashians, please!


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3 Responses to Those Krazy Kardashians

  1. Mark Poirier says:

    Who is she? Let’s stop this celebritizing of anyone who’s rich with fake tits right now.

    Bruce Jenner’s nose is approaching Michael Jackson’s. He was not a bad looking man in the ’70s. Now he’s a sad freak, a “botoxed old queen,” as you write.

  2. moochie says:

    I absolutely love the Kardashians! I can’t wait for all their new shenanigans! Who’s watching it with me?

  3. Mallo Fawl says:

    Geezus! You put down the Rat Pack and send up the Kardashians? What a fucking waste of bandwidth you are! Instead of waiting for the end of the Rat Pack how about not waiting and packing some C4 down your ass. Yeah- that’s the ticket!

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