Arguing About Madonna

The other day, when I saw this picture in a magazine, I asked my husband, “What do you think of Madonna’s arms?” His reply was something like “I don’t think anything about her arms.”

In his defense, he was driving and I was looking at a magazine. But he refused to discuss Madonna’s arms, as though it was beneath him to even talk about it. I tried to explain that Madonna’s arms weren’t just arms; they were big muscular man-arms.

He starting getting really pissed off and shouted “Look, I don’t have an opinion oh her arms. I don’t hate her like you do, okay?”

Well, not okay, actually. Isn’t this so like a man?   My feeling is, If you don’t have an opinion, FORM ONE! The good lord gave you the faculties of eyesight and cognitive awareness, so it’s not too much to ask for you to have a fucking opinion!

My opinion is that those arms are not necessary unless she is going into professional bodybuilding or construction work. As a former weight-lifter I can tell you that those arms are no accident. You need to lift very heavy weights to develop such big arms, and you need to do it at least 3 times a week. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Madge was taking just a pinch of steroids, or maybe she’s just a High Testosterone Girl as well as a Material one.

Are Madonna’s arms bigger than your boyfriend’s? Do they make you mad? Let me know, unless you’re too manly to discuss it.

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32 Responses to Arguing About Madonna

  1. hammie says:

    Maddie is afraid of fadoobaders. (a.k.a. bingo wings, dinner lady arms, the flabby upper arm after you have 2 children)
    what does Mr Wolf think of Fadoobaders?

  2. Juri says:

    For a man of 50, her shoulders are quite impressing. They give hope for the rest of us middle-aged men.

  3. Echidnagirl says:

    Yes, they are totally disgust-a-tating, Tigger.

    Please, please disappear from world view Madonna.

  4. Lady K says:

    Her arms are NOT bigger than my boyfriends but are certainly getting close. He too, like Mr Wolf, refused to discuss them. He says he doesn’t care about Madonnna and has no opinion on her arms or her marriage or my fixation on her “alleged” plastic surgeried (is this a word?) face. Madonna just makes me mad full stop.

  5. I admire her determination and will and the effort it has taken to look this unnatural. I know she has the money and resources to be so preserved but it’s still hard to pay such rigorous attention to an exercise regime. Nonetheless, I cannot help but feel her time and energy would be better expended elsewhere rather than in her relentless quest to have the arms of the member of a boy band. But maybe this physique gives her personal satisfaction and empowers her or something. I don’t know. As long as she’s happy.

  6. Tobi Lynne says:

    We were just talking about her last night — D & I saw on TV that her and Guy Ritchie (who is ADORABLE) were getting divorced. His reaction was “Madonna’s is all around unattractive. Everything about her is gross. Ew.”

    Oh and, Hammie? Fadoobaders? Bingo wings? Blahahahahahaha! I now have new names for one of my fears. Thank you.

  7. Madonna’s arms scare me a little. They’re not as big as my husband’s but they’re close. I heard her say once that she didn’t work out at all anymore, just a little yoga. That is clearly a lie!

  8. WendyB says:

    LOL @ the fact that he was driving. Her arms look big in the photos, but I have a feeling they don’t look as scary in real life. Photos make everything look scarier. I must say I would never aim to be that cut, but it would be fun to be superstrong. And if it was between that and flab,I’d take the big muscles.

  9. cybill says:

    10 years ago I used to envy Madonna’s arms, but now, not so much. The woman just keeps doing same old, same old – get some new tricks Madonna.

  10. honeypants says:

    Her arms have been disgusting me since some live MTV event performance for “Ray of Light” and they weren’t even that big yet!

    Not only are her arms bigger than my boyfriend’s, arms like that are grounds for me NOT to date someone! Of course, I do like whisper-thin girly boys, but still.

    As for your husband’s lack of opinion, I’m with you. The instant a new piece of information lodges itself in my brain, I automatically form an opinion on it. It’s just how I process new information.

  11. enc says:

    In my experience, women who work that hard on their arms are trying to prove something.

    And probably juicing.

    Just a thought: If your husband got mad about Madonna, I submit that perhaps he does indeed care about her, one way or the other. Usually, if we don’t care, we are indifferent, and that indifference shows in our reaction, doesn’t it?

  12. enc says:

    Please don’t let your husband kill me!

  13. alias clio says:

    That morning-show lady, what’s-her-name, er, (I truly can’t remember just now) – just googled – Kelly Ripa – is just as bad. There’s some kind of TV commercial making the rounds in which she’s at a dinner party and drags all the guests into her laundry room, and I saw with horror that her arms were exactly like Madonna’s. Ugh. Surely it’s possible to have shapely, non-flabby arms without looking like a body-builder?


  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Hammie, I’m sure my husband won’t give an opinion on that either. I personally have no fear of them. Yet.

    Juri, there are two kind of men and you are the other kind. I’m quoting myself here, but I stand by it.

    Echidna Girl, Cybill, and Lady K: We are on the same page. We need a Madonna-free Zone where we can take shelter.

    Toby Lynne, you are blessed with a man who will talk!

    Enc, he won’t kill you. He is impervious to Freudian analysis. Believe me, I’ve tried.

    WendyB: I can’t imagine you with horrible big arms!

    Honeypants. I always love your Brain and its workings!

    Iheartfashion: You’re right, she is lying.

    Miss Wombat: Yep, as long as Madonna’s happy, that’s the main thing. I would like her to adopt a new accent though, maybe French?

    Alias Clio. I can’t wait to see Kelly Ripa’s arms. And yes, you can just do push-ups for your arms actually and you’ll never look manly.

  15. Eemmus says:

    madonna is yuck.

  16. Suebob says:

    Madonna’s arms are the exact arms I love on my twenty-something boyfriends (ok, I’m dreaming – but such a pleasant dream)

  17. Melissa says:

    If I had those arms, my gardening would go a lot faster…hmmm. Of course the time it would take to get those arms would keep me out of the garden…hmmm.

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Eemmus, I hear you.

    Suebob, YES, same here.

    Melissa, I see the conundrum. I know my vote goes to liesurley gardening.

  19. Imelda Matt says:

    she’s got muscular definition for a tug n’ rub girl!

  20. riz says:

    Those arms have become her signature!! How can you not miss them!??

  21. julie says:

    You can argue about her Sister W, but don’t you dare agrue with her. That Madge is packin a mean punch. Jeesh! I would add that the freak-show effect caused by her arms is heightened by her penchant for wearing nude colored, girdle-like leotards. Have you seen the 4 Minutes video?

  22. Sister Wolf says:

    Imelda Matt, you’ve taught me new terminology!

    riz, make her get a new signature! I can’t stand this one.

    Julie, I’m afraid to watch that video. Why doesn’t that bitch spend less time at the gym and more time waxing her daughter’s moustache??

  23. those arms look suspiciously similar to the arms of a certain stripper seen with A-Rod last year.
    Does this mean A-Rod has an arm festish? ew.

  24. Aja says:

    Oh my, oh my, how exciting. . . I was just discussing this with my father the other day. Her physique scares the crap out of me. But I wasn’t sure if they were so scary in person or whether they just showed up that way when photographed. . . so I asked my resident expert, who works closely to the Madonna crew. Apparently everything about her is hot hot hot. . . (according to this heterosexual lad), but the arms are just a little over-the-top. . . but they don’t look so crazy huge in person. Perhaps her arms have always been pretty strong. I happen to know, I have big arms to begin with. With a little bit of weight lifting, I’d look like a brick shit house, above. . . not my goal, so I work out lightly around that area.

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    Arms are the easiest body part to work on. That’s why gyms are full of guys with huge arms and no calves.

  26. K-Line says:

    Those arms of hers are to distract you from anything else. And the ploy is working cuz I can’t remember a freakin’ thing about the photo other than they…

  27. Mark says:

    Madonna couldn’t fit into any Junya Watanabe for men with those ape arms.

  28. Charponnaise says:

    She’s consumed too much miracle-gro. She’ll start sprouting shoots soon. Awesome.

    I’d like to be able to admire someone of her tenacity and inventiveness, but she stopped being inventive a good ten years ago, and now just pumps her arms and her leotard-clad crotch at us all the time, and it’s really really upsetting. If I had kids, I wouldn’t let them watch TV for fear of witnessing her.

    She tries hard in all the wrong ways, and her songs are now gash.

    Still, we’ll always have Vogue, Take a Bow, Erotica and er.. La Isla Bonita.

  29. My husband, who spends a lot of time at the gym, says she’s definitely juicing!

  30. Megan says:

    I love the way Madonna looks.

  31. Sam says:

    This post sounds like internalized sexism to me. Why in the world is it not okay for women to have muscular arms? Does it hurt anyone? Physical fitness is important to health and, in many cases, emotional and cognitive well-being. That does not change for women. If people are going to waste their lives judging celebrities, they should not perpetuate sexist expectations and should not discourage healthy activities.

  32. La Rose says:

    Ladies, you are just jealous! Madonna is a great looking, fantastically fit woman. She does yoga and eats healthy, which many over 40 or over 50 year old women dont. They look flabby and ugly and old, Madonna looks great!

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