Leave Prada to the Devil

My pal enc wants these Prada Boots, which Neiman Marcus will gladly provide for $1,200.   In a lucky coincidence, I found my self online last night, hypnotized by crazy boots at Amazon.

Once I started looking, I couldn’t stop. It’s like eating Oreo cookies. You must keep going until the package is empty. I found a style that’s similar to the Prada, at a savings of $1,150.

Call me nuts, but I just don’t see why anyone needs Prada. I feel the same about the Lanvin ballet flats. The only reason to pay $500 for them is to feel special for wasting all that money. You can waste only $134 at Sue London for the same buttery soft quality, plus they come with a matching leather shoe bag!

I think I’m as brainwashed as anyone into craving luxury items at insane prices. But more and more, I’m wondering if the initial rush is worth it. Do we really need the tag to say Prada or Chanel to feel good about ourselves? I’m starting to feel “Been there, Done that” about luxury items. But maybe you need to own a beat up, poorly constructed Chanel bag to achieve this attitude.

It’s not like I’ve transcended snobbery or anything. I’d still go barefoot before buying shoes by Jessica Simpson. I still recoil from Juicy Couture. In fact, if I stop, someone call a doctor!

Back to the splendor of the crazy boots at Amazon (and speaking of Doctors) here is one I’d like for the boudoir:

And here’s the one that upset me the most.

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10 Responses to Leave Prada to the Devil

  1. Tobi Lynne says:

    Those nurse boots are pretty fabulous! I can’t really see wearing them out and about … but they’d make for a hell of an evening in.

  2. riz says:

    Thanks for your nice comments about 212! I think I love you for this post. I can’t stand it when fashion objects turn into a craze or staples…

  3. enc says:

    Wow, I forgot all about Prada when I saw those clear stripper boots!

    Haw haw! Who needs Prada now?

  4. hammie says:

    oh, is that what they are, I thought they were for toilet training, instead of wellies……


  5. stella-mayfair says:

    Sister Nurse, you’re just fabulous!

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Maybe the clear boots could be used as goldfish bowls? Or planters?

    I know the nurse boots would look cute with a little nurse cap and a string of pearls!

    Stella-mayfair, how nice you are! I’m sure you are even more fabulous.

  7. Mark says:

    Nearly fell out of my chair when I scrolled down to the transparent boots.

  8. Mark says:

    I’ve had a pair of simple Prada loafers since 2000 and they still look great. I wore them a few times last week, in fact. They were $350–the best $350 I’ve ever spent.

  9. Sonja says:

    No more heels. I’ve seen the light, here it is : http://www.trippen.com/

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