Banned Words for 2011

Lake Superior State University has just released its “2011 List of Banished Words.” Check it out here. It’s pretty good. I’m especially pleased that they included “Man up.”

But they left out so many awful words and terms, including one of my personal annoyances, “reach out to” as a synonym for “contact.”   Or what about “no worries!” in place of “you’re welcome?” Didn’t that use to be Australian? Why do I need to have it in Los Angeles?

Here are some words I don’t want to see or hear in 2011:









In This Economy




Crazy – (anything)


Which ones have I left out??

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104 Responses to Banned Words for 2011

  1. Sister Wolf says:

    honeypants – YES. Why are they called sliders, anyway? LET’S NOT FIND OUT!

    Aly – Hate that. It’s so pretentious. Ugh.

  2. EJ says:

    Oh no- I call a room a ‘space’ if it’s in a gallery (well actually I’d call the whole gallery a ‘space’). Art history habit that I refuse to nix.

    I’d like not to ban the concept of cupcakes but just for everyone to admit that they’re not that nice. Who wants to eat that much icing really?

  3. mimi says:

    aw we still sometimes say “frock” in australia.

  4. Katie says:

    As an actual curator, I’ve gotten very annoyed with the casual and cavalier way the words curator/curate/curated have been bandied about. The role of a curator is so much more than just building collections, and I don’t appreciate it being used so casually. Also, it took years of training and experience for me to get to be a curator; it’s not a title just anyone can have.

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