Yes, a Hideous Shoe Post

Here is another offering from the cynical monster known as Jeffrey Campbell.   Each time he comes out with one of these, he is slapping his knee and laughing. He wants to see how far he can push today’s brainwashed consumerettes.

This “shoe” is special “thanks to a super cool removable ankle cuff.”   I can’t imagine fucking around with the ankle cuff and I can’t even think about it. No no no to everything about this contemptible shoe.

Now. Some of you out there are fed up with my Hideous Shoe posts. You want me to get serious, to write about stuff that’s interesting and thought provoking.

But others out there are going “Oh god, all she does is whine about her personal misery! Where is the fun stuff?”

Do I need two blogs, one for trivial mockery of fashion trends and pathetic fame-whore bloggers, and another to air my feelings of despair and hopelessness? Or should I give up blogging altogether, as a waste of time and energy? Or should I just kill myself or pray for brain cancer?

I don’t know what direction to take. I really truly don’t know if I’m trying to express myself or avoid myself.   I’m looking for considered opinions, not some bullshit about some other bullshit.

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38 Responses to Yes, a Hideous Shoe Post

  1. carla fox says:

    Well, I must say I like your thought-provoking/deep thoughts blogposts, but I get a kick out of these, too! Do whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like it. Forget about polling your readers. It’s YOUR blog and I love it!

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Carla – It’s not a poll, it’s a cri de coeur.

  3. The shoe is hideous. I need you to remind me of the hideousness of consumerism. I also love your opinions on all matters and as for personal misery whining you have united nations where the UN have failed. I’m even falling for the come to California ads on our tv at the moment.

    Plus we have tackled trollism on a global scale and you’ve given bryanboy best pr present of non fawning type. Keep going, don’t over analyse the blog and your posts

    Come on godammit your mad (c) and a cunt ™

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Make Do – YES. I am mad, and I’m a cunt. Okay, good. This may be what I need to get centered or whatever it’s called. Good.

  5. Ellu says:

    I love all your posts. It’s nice to have diversity in subjects too. I’d suggest that you keep going like this! 🙂

  6. Jaimi says:

    I love your posts, all of them. You write with such honesty and it’s really beautiful. If writing keeps you going, please keep writing. I can’t even imagine going through what you’re going through. I’m still stewing over your previous post. I hope in time, you’ll get some peace.

    On a lighter note, goddamn those are SO fug, this better be some IRL trolling shit or else I just don’t know.

  7. beba says:

    I like diversity of your posts. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I just look and wonder. Some posts makes me read even all comments, hah.

    Peace and love!

  8. David Duff says:

    “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

    And it must also follow as the hangover the dry martini, that we, your friends and admirers, will continue to be amused, moved, tickled, exasperated, amazed and occasionally irritated by your blog. Don’t change a thing!

  9. I like your writing – both types. Apart from anything else, you are honest. Trying to split yourself into different part would, I think, be futile. But perhaps I am just being selfish because I like to read everything you have written.

    As to the shoes, I would probably wear them. But I quite like ugly things. I don’t like things that are mildly tacky, but if it screams tack and awfulness then I’m strangely attracted. Mind you, I wouldn’t pay more than £5.

  10. Guerreira says:

    Dear Sister Wolf,
    I never comment on blogs, but your latest post prompted me to…
    I love reading your blog exactly because it is so sincere, and it seems to be such a genuine expression of the things that go through your mind. Everyone (or at least all people I consider interesting) has a deeper side, and a frivolous side. I think that is how it should be…
    If people are unhappy about your blog, they can find other ones to read. I hope you stay true to your funny, deep, unedited self.

  11. Joy D. says:

    Ok so the shoes are hideous but you are awesome. If you did not exist my blogging would probably come out trite. I would still exist of course but your berated ramblings ground me.

  12. Jo says:

    I like your blog just the way it is.
    And how hideous are these:

  13. It's De-Lurking says:

    Please don’t stop posting – the mocking is trenchant and the despair is eloquent, and the “wasted time and energy” is a necessary part of grieving. If it amuses or comforts you, keep doing it and fuck the haters.

  14. E says:

    Sister W – I just want to hear what you want to say – be it the big stuff, petty fugliness or catharsis. You also have the best commenteers (apart from the batshit crazies that shall not be named). Carry on regardless – we need you!

  15. patni says:

    I love your blog the way it is. It is raw and human.
    Fashion in a glittery bubble is disturbing to me.
    Unadulterated grief/angst emotion what have you, can be very intense on its own. And that is not how life works. Our interests and passions and horrors are all part of the one weird thing.
    I don’t know if this makes sense. But I love your blog.

    As made do style said, the title says it all. Godammit you are mad, and a cunt. I suspect may of us who read it are too.

  16. Witch Moma says:

    I enjoy the dichotomy completely. Keep on keepin on.

    Now about those damn shoes w/removable cuffs; I actually like them.
    Leopard skin goes way back with me.
    The color combo is great.
    On the right person wearing the right clothes = excellent.
    On 56 yr. old me, never gonna happen.

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    OKay, this is really helpful. I’m mad, I’m a cunt, I should be true to Myself, good bad and ugly.

    I wish I could set those shoes on fire, including the super cool removable cuff.

  18. christine says:

    I was recently without internet for almost a month. Your blog is what I missed most of all. Each morning I wake up and read Godammit, I’m Mad! with my first cup of coffee. The way write so honestly on a wide variety of topics and the community of everyone who comments help me get through the day. Thank you so much. And please, Sister Wolf, keep on keepin’ on.

  19. Cricket9 says:

    I second all previous posts – keep one blog please, be mad or sad, just DON’T pray for brain cancer.

  20. Carrie says:

    Sister Wolf, I prize your blog above all others precisely because of the dichotomy! Rather than muddy waters, I think the range of posts just proves me right in my assumption that you are a very intelligent, observant, and articulate woman – a fucking awesome ‘cunt’ of the first order.

    I wouldn’t be friends with a uni-dimensional woman lacking complexity to her character…so why on earth would I want to spend my time reading a one-trick blog? Especially since I REALLY want to know what hideous shoes you will harpoon next, but I also truly want to hear about whatever progress/roadblocks/nightmares/breakthroughs you feel like sharing.

    I guess I feel like I’m lucky to have discovered a voice like yours on the (fucking weird) internet, and I would hate to have any part of that voice silenced just to avoid annoying a few readers with misguided purist expectations of you!

    Regarding the shoes I have two words: bonfire now.

  21. Erika says:

    I agree with Carrie above. Life is up and down and weird and sometimes its ugly shoes, silly bloggers, weird vaginas and sadness. I appreciate you sharing all of those things.

    Those shoes are awful looking and i will admit that sometimes I really like Jeffrey Campbell.

  22. Xing says:

    hey, it’s your blog. do what you want with it. to heck with people’s opinions. You write what you want to write, i read what I want to read. simple.

  23. Katharine says:

    I prize your blog posts precisely because I never know what I’m going to get. Besides, it would get unwieldy, having a blog in every port, wouldn’t it? (I have dead blogs on every blog provider, for none of which I remember the passwords.)

    I don’t think these are as heinous as Mr. Campbell’s turducken, but I admit that I have a pair of JC platform sandals that are the most extensively complimented shoes I own, and I’m also currently entertaining a craving for the Wednesday, in Caucasian Nude. I don’t really want these ones, though, removable cuff or not.

  24. Aja says:

    I would miss you if you left. Besides, it’s a big world out there and there’s a lot of things to make fun of.

  25. mj says:

    Keep doing whatever the fuck you want with your perfect blog. And I am guessing you do it to avoid and to express and both at the same time and for different reasons all the time. And I have no idea what you should do but considering so many people enjoy your blog and you are so good at writing and I personally appreciate it (even though i never comment) I would say that keeping on doing what you are doing is a good idea.
    I am more worried about you than I was because seeing you write “or should i just kill myself” is painful- it’s hard for me to even bring it back up under your message. Are you really thinking that? Call me. tonight if you like- i’ll be up til 1030. or i will call you tomorrow. love

  26. Suebob says:

    Thanks to the comments, I am singing in my head “Dichotomy” to the tune of that punk song “Lobotomy.” Great.

    The bottom shoe OMG:

  27. Sister Wolf says:

    mj – I am thinking it every day but not far gone enough to put family through it. Planning to up the meds instead. xoxoxo

  28. Catherine says:

    Sister wolf,
    don’t stop blogging. Even if it is not helping you, I think it occupies you and gives so many people something to think about, no matter if its ugly shoes or how hard it is to love and to live and make it through somehow. Sometimes I cannot reach your site, which makes me worry about whether you stopped blogging or if you got tired of everything and just left.
    So many people are with you, it’s horrible that all the support cannot lift you up, all the good thoughts cannot change the way the world is for you since Max died.
    I light a candle for Max and send you my best wishes.

  29. Dave C says:

    I think ‘E’ expressed it best – we just want to hear what you have to say. For us at least, it’s as simple as that.

  30. Marky says:

    Thank you for all your posts–hideous shoes, existential questions, Cunt of the Weeks–all of them.

  31. Ann says:

    The shoes suck. You do not. Love you & all of your many topics & directions.

  32. dana says:

    Do it all! Do what you want! It’s the variety that keeps you awesome. You are not one-dimensional (certain blogs might do well do emulate multi-dimensionality). Love always

  33. Sheri says:

    Soldier on. Write what you feel. Say what you have to say.
    No death wishes. Ever.

  34. gail says:

    The shoes are hideous!

    Love your blog just the way it is – the diversity, the honesty, the emotions, all of it. So many people have put my thoughts into words here so much better than I am capable of, and you do the same in your posts. Your blog is real

  35. firefly says:

    The world would be sadder if you weren’t in it. You have every right to express yourself on this blog, no matter who doesn’t agree. Keep on writing! Whether it be about fashion, stupid people, or your own life.

  36. mimi says:

    i think you would probably find me annoying or hate me in real life, SW but i do adore you and your blog. i see it as a good healthy online venting space that makes me laugh, cry (from laughing and sadness) think and basically helps me escape from my little world for a bit. i like that your blog is a big jumble of your thoughts rather than a focus, streamlined space.

    all the best for the new year! x

  37. Ana says:

    Although we had had our share of disagreement (over Sea mostly), I have come to really like and enjoy your witty social criticism. I like all your posts – fashion ones, the ones about various cunts, and even those about Sea 🙂
    The personal misery posts are heart-breaking, yet powerful.
    So, don’t stop blogging, don’t stop being a mad cunt, don’t wish to die!

  38. Dru says:

    Late to the part here, but I’m with Ann (except for the Sea part, I have no opinion about that).

    Seriously, don’t go, Sister. You’re a light and a voice of honesty in so many of our lives, I’d miss you more than I can say.

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