Be More Afraid

Two employees of a surveillance company have been implanted with microchips, using the same technology that tracks supermarket items.   VeriChips  are Radio Frequency ID tabs that track an individual item (or now, person) by transmitting information to a “reader device” that can be located ANYWHERE.   Gillette is leading the pack with this technology, having placed an order for 500 million RFID tags from a company called Alien Technology. Gillette already uses them on some of its products ( Ha! I knew the Mach 3 was too good  to be true)

Great, a whole new world of paranoia has opened up for me. Just when Cheney cheered me up with his shooting “accident!”

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3 Responses to Be More Afraid

  1. hahhahaa….now i have that song from ‘aladdin’ stuck in my head!!! “a whole new world, a new enchanted point of view!”……AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH….that’s why i use the disposable razors…..the government can’t hunt me down with them……woo hoo!!!! here comes the rapture….

  2. Ann says:

    The rapture indeed, with W leading the way!

  3. Marissa Hyre says:

    Exactly where do these trolling commenters come from? Explain why on earth do you claim some thing like this?

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